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Wabtec westinghouse air brake Products 7 Series Turbocharger


  • 7 Series Turbocharger

Wabtec Corp westinghouse air brake products 8 Series Turbocharger


8 Series Turbocharger

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Products 7 Series Turbocharger


7 Series Turbocharger

westinghouse air brake Tech New and Re-Manufactured Pumps

New and Re-Manufactured Pumps

New Pumps
Heavy-duty class 30 cast iron construction for long life. Large thrust face sleeve bearings for long life and minimum wear. Pumps are designed for continuous duty operation at temperatures ranging from -40°C (-40°F) to 100°C (212°F). Pump and motor units are electrically tested and pressure tested to assure integrity. Pumps are designed to permit thermo-siphoning for natural convection flow. Motor windings are Hi-Pot tested to assure electrical integrity. Special optional coatings are applied to protect against rust.
Remanufactured Pumps
These pumps are available from either the customer pump or from our direct replacement core stock. Exactly the same manufacturing processes are used as new pumps. These pumps incorporate renowned the Harley™ sleeve bearing system, shaft, motor, internal elastomers and electrical connector. A value-added internal component design changes to correct shortfalls of original designs. New or rewound motor windings with high insulation class ratings. Optimized high-strength materials using proper tolerances and surface finishes. Performance tested to assure the integrity of the hydraulic, electrical & sealing systems. Re-nameplated and carries a full 12/18 month warranty.
Cardinal, in most cases, has the opportunity to design a new motor/bearing assembly retrofit to the existing hydraulics, casings and impeller, to the customer’s original equipment.
Both options available with TecSonics™ Bearing Wear Monitoring System
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westinghouse air brake tech NT1 Series Turbocharger


NT1 Series Turbocharger

westinghouse air brake tech NT1 Series Turbocharger


NT1 Series Turbocharger

westinghouse air brake tech NT1 Series Turbocharger


NT1 Series Turbocharger

westinghouse air brake tech OFW Shell and Tube Cooler

OFW Shell and Tube Cooler

Forced Oil and Water Flow
Unifin developed its "Type OFW" for larger transformers using forced oil flow and water-cooling. Combined with its "Leak Detector Tube" the "OFW" continues to forge industry leadership in transformer cooling.
Unifin International's favored forced oil-water operated cooler is type OFW. All designs feature the Leak Detector Type of Double Concentric tubes connected between pairs of double tube sheets. Basic design is the Non-Removable Bundle style of Fixed Tubesheet exchanger in what is termed Non-Code construction (Operating and Design Conditions do not exceed those which would invoke the A.S.M.E. Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, or Canada's C.S.A.B.-51). This heat exchanger is a forced oil-to-water shell & tube design that can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal positions. It too, is available in both conventional and leak detector versions, both with leak-free double tube sheet construction.
Features and Options

  • Spaced double tube sheet prevent water entering the oil through a leaking tube joint
  • Robust design with stiffer double concentric tubes more readily withstands "flow induced vibration"
  • Compact design made possible by an Integral Finned copper outer tube on oil side
  • Waterside access without disturbing connections permits inspection and maintenance for fouling and corrosion
  • Longer dependable life resulting from the right choice of waterside materials

Construction and ratings are available in Unifin's OFW technical bulletin.
Type OFW Size Range - Sizes available range from 8" - 24" diameter. Lengths of 36" - 120" depending on diameter. Nominal capacity range, 60 kW to 1,500 kW.
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Wabtec Co power generation Industrial products Oil Coolers

Oil Coolers

Young Touchstone Air Cooled Oil Coolers with OSHA Guards provide efficient cooling for a wide variety of mobile and stationary power equipment.
OCS OCH MOC and HOCS models are available

westinghouse air brake tech ONW Shell and Tube

ONW Shell and Tube

Natural Convection Oil Flow
Unifin's first introduction to transformer cooling problems was more than half a century ago. It began by supplying coiled tube assemblies, which were placed inside transformer tanks. Unifin's initial expertise was the manufacture of "Integral Finned Tube" which when applied to tank coolers meant increased capacity over formerly plain tube coolers. A smaller cooler resulted and the transformer rating was often increased. The internal ONW was born and Unifin's developing leadership in transformer cooling was started.
Industry advances meant higher ratings. Tank coolers were too small so the demand for a larger capacity external water operated cooler with natural oil convention was created. Unifin designed and tested prototypes and developed ratings for a series of sizes designated "Type ONW". Industry requirements for maximum safety led to Unifin's development of the Double Concentric Tube, which combined with Double Tubesheets yield what Unifin calls its "Leak Detector Design". The ONW's latest format continues in use today.
The most efficient transformer oil cooler, the water cooled "Type ONW" was conceived by Unifin as larger demand/capacity for external water operated coolers with natural oil convection. Industry requirements for maximum safety led to Unifin's development of the double concentric tube combined with double tube sheets, Unifin's superb leak detector design. This shell & tube heat exchanger uses natural oil convection on the shell side and water through the tube. It is available with Unifin's exclusive leak detector feature, which immediately detects any leak before water can get into the oil and endanger the apparatus.
Unifin International's External "Type ONW" has largely replaced coolers mounted inside a transformers oil tank. It is mounted near the top of the tank where hot oil enters the cooler. Water in the tubes cools the oil as natural convection carries oil downward through an external pipe to enter the bottom of the transformer tank.
 Features and Options:

  • No internal water piping subjected to hazardous leaks, erosion of bends and corrosion inside the tank
  • Cooler location high in the tank and piping to the bottom of the tank increases natural convection and prevents mixing of hot and cold oil
  • Cooler arrangement of tubes and increased oil flow gives higher velocity and increased heat transfer and efficiency
  • Unifin's prototype testing provided a reliable basis for the rating of industry coolers
  • Double Tube sheet construction eliminates the hazard of leaking tube joints
  • Straight tubes reduce the risks of corrosion/erosion of bends
  • Inspection and cleaning of the tube side is made possible
  • Coolers are water drainable to prevent damage during freezing weather shutdown
  • ONW's design using Double Concentric Leak Detector Tubes removes risk of a tube leak, a hazard always present when water pressure exceeds oil pressure

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Wabtec Industrial Power Generation products Optical Cable

Optical Cable

Media for optical data transmission between sensor to PLC

Wabtec Freight Car PTC Positive Train control Products Catenary

Overhead Catenary System Components

TransTech supplies Arthur Flury Section Insulators, Phase Breaks, Conical Couplers, and Forked Collar Sockets to ensure that systems maximize their performance, while minimizing failure rates.

westinghouse air brake tech Panda Cool™ Transformer Oil Cooler

Panda Cool™ Transformer Oil Cooler

The Panda Cool™ Transformer cooler offers catalog selection with standardized sizing.  Review our catalog brochure linked below for more information.  See our other Products HERE

wabtec global services transit car products Pantographs


Faiveley Brecknell Willis design and manufacture pantographs for Light Rail, Tram, EMU and High Speed trains.  With our interface expertise we are able to provide an optimum design for individual overhead system requirements. Many variants are available, they include …

  • Spring operated actuation with either manual retract, electrically raised, air raised, air lowered and latched, or actuation by direct air operation
  • Aerodynamic trimming capability
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic frame damping
  • 3 or 4 point mounting
  • Autodrop devices and inertial OHLE fault detectors
  • Manual override systems for pneumatic and electric actuators
  • Contact strip material to meet requirements (carbon preferred)
  • Mounting and air feed insulators
  • Interchangeability with existing units
  • Other special features and devices custom designed to meet special requirements

Colours to suit requirements, over 100 BW paint specifications available Overhaul, repair and/or servicing are available to keep your pantographs in full operational condition.

westinghouse air brake technologies company Plate-Fin Tubing

Plate-Fin Tubing

An Alternative Heat Transfer Surface
Unifin offers a high quality Plate-Fin Technology as a premier heat transfer surface for utility and industrial applications. The Plate-Fin surface offers the benefit of providing higher energy transfer efficiency and improved heat transfer in a more compact and robust design.
The Unifin Plate-Fin Technology uses aluminum or copper fins with full collars. The collars are engineered to provide fixed and permanent fin spacing. The collars also transfer the heat between the tubes and the fins, allowing constant performance through the full range of thermal expansion. Other tube materials such as copper, copper-nickel, stainless steel and other specialty materials are available. The tubes are mechanically expanded into the fin collars, forming an interference fit between the fin collar and the tube that is mechanically very strong and effectively facilitates heat transfer.
The Unifin Plate-Fin Technology is extremely well suited for any applications that require resistance against vibrations (shorter unsupported tube length) and high mechanical stress conditions, such as mobile transformers. This advantage comes from having all the tubes and fin surface bonded together via the plate fin construction, which creates an extremely strong core, and allows "walk-on" capability.
The inherent use of wider fin spacing provides a higher resistance to fouling from airborne particles in transformer applications. Additionally, the Unifin Plate-Fin Technology allows cleaning via either high-pressure washing or brushing the inlet side of the fin surface.

westinghouse air brake tech Radiation Recuperators

Radiation Recuperators

Radiation recuperators are high temperature heat exchangers that utilize radiation heat transfer to preheat combustion air or gas for the purpose of saving fuel. By recovering heat from the hot waste gas exiting a furnace and transferring it to the combustion air feeding the burners, fuel usage can be reduced by an average of thirty-five percent (35%), and in many cases, greater savings are realized. Waste gas temperatures entering radiation recuperators are usually in the 2000°F to 2500°F range, and combustion air preheat temperatures are usually in the 800°F to 1400°F range.
For very high temperature industrial furnaces, such as glass melting furnaces, recuperators are valuable tools for increasing furnace efficiency. Up to seventy-five percent (75%) of the available energy in the fuel may be carried out of the furnace in the waste gas, therefore, heat recovery is essential for fuel conservation and economical operation. With fuel costs rising, recuperation is certain to play a vital role in the future.
Thermal Transfer Corporation manufactures two (2) types of radiation recuperators - the TURA (TUbular RAdiation) type and the stack or double shell type. The TURA recuperator is most widely used on larger direct fired glass melters with firing rates typically between 15 MM.BTU/Hr. and 60 MM.BTU/Hr. The TURA design incorporates a cylindrical alloy steel tube bundle suspended within a refractory-lined outer shell, operating with waste gas temperatures up to 2600°F and generating air preheat temperatures as high as 1500°F. TURA recuperators have proven reliable under the adverse corrosion and fouling conditions often present in these larger melting furnaces.
The stack type recuperator is commonly used on smaller direct fired glass melters, with firing rates typically between 0.5 MM.BTU/Hr. and 20 MM.BTU/Hr. This design is comprised of concentric, cylindrical metallic inner and outer shells traditionally operating with waste gas temperatures up to 2300°F and combustion air temperatures up to 1000°F. However, recent advances in design and materials technology now permit higher temperature operation with the stack recuperator design. For the most demanding applications, both TURA and stack recuperators are used in combination to achieve very high combustion air preheat temperatures.
Radiation Recuperator Applications

  • Glass melting furnaces
  • Fiberglass furnaces
  • Glass day tanks
  • Glass continuous tanks
  • Glass pot furnaces
  • Glass refiners
  • Glass forehearths
  • Ceramic and refractory kilns
  • Steel forge furnaces
  • Steel heat treat furnaces
  • Aluminum die cast furnaces
  • Calciners

Wabtec Industrial Power Generation Products Cooling Radiators


Cooling Solutions for Power Generation. Modular construction and assembly for exactly the radiator needed.
Flat Round Mechanical Bond or CuproBraze Technology for strong, more efficient cooling systems.
DS line of radiators.

Wabtec Industrial Power Generation Products Air Cooler

Remote Charge Air Cooler

Young Touchstone Remote CAC designs are available in 1.5 through 8 square foot configurations designed for mounting on the generator set sub-base in place of the normal gen-set mounted radiator.
Engine Turbocharger cooling
Mechanically bonded tube-to-header

SAMPS westinghouse air brake parts and services


Cable management system for onshore power supply to ship on berth

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Saturn Casting Rings Wabtec Corp Gerken SA

Saturn Casting Rings

Saturn is a division of Gerken SA, specialising in the design and manufacture of AccuRingTM billet casting rings for hot top and air casting moulds. The range was developed by veterans of the aluminium industry using Gerken’s graphite machining expertise.
Saturn’s high quality and precision help to reduce casting costs, increase life, increase casting recovery through consistent performance, predictable replacement in line with maintenance schedules and reduced scrap.