209 Series Flange Sand Traps

The 209 Series Flange Sand Traps are designed to provide unrestricted flow of sand to enhance traction between the wheel and rail. The 209 Series Traps are lightweight with a low profile for those under the platform locations and/or on the truck-mounted sandbox typically found on an industrial type locomotive or light rail vehicle. Horizontal or vertical outlets make it possible to locate the trap with a minimal length of sand hose. Three models are of fered to control the sand delivery you require. One with a 1/16" orifice (209-FC-1), a second with a 5/64" orifice (209- FC) and a third model with no orifice (209-F). An adjustable nozzle is used with each model which, along with the integral orifice, allows the sand delivery to be adjusted to meet your operating needs. Choose a GW normally closed solenoid valve to provide the compressed air necessary to move the sand from the 209 Series Sand Trap.