Door Overhaul

Wabtec Rail, through the incorporation of Vapor Stone, has an internationally renown reputation for the supply of rail vehicle and bus door systems. Working in conjunction with Wabtec Corporation’s Vapor Rail and Transit Divisions our door systems can be found on inter-city, underground and metro rail vehicles throughout the UK, North America, Asia and the Far East.
Using the most advanced technology and drawing upon an exceptional range of skills and experience, we offer a total service covering operating mechanisms, controls and door panels and including design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and upgrades. 
Our approach is as flexible as it is thorough. We can provide everything from individual parts to complete systems using either pneumatic or electric actuators that can be combined with electro-mechanical or programmable electronic controls. Where needed, bridge plates and moving steps can be integrated with the door systems for ease of access.
Our manufacturing capability provides a complete range of options - pneumatic systems, compact electric belt drive systems and independent linear electric drive systems, each with advanced features. 
In addition, we have developed an innovative solution to the wear and misalignment problems to which roller and tube systems have always been prone. Eliminating the wear and door panel binding caused by misalignment, our Linear Bearing Guide System has proved itself a great success and is now being applied to an increasing number of vehicles.
We can supply parts for Peters Door Systems and Deans Door Systems as well as those for our own systems. Our repair and maintenance packages focus at all times on quality and safety and are tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs.
With a range of advanced technologies at our disposal, we can quickly and cost-effectively bring existing door systems up to the very highest current operating standards.
More and more of our clients are taking advantage of our off-site services, which cover both repairs and maintenance and refurbishment/upgrades. 
Working from your own site anywhere in the country, our off-site teams deliver a service that incorporates the most stringent quality control procedures.