Wabtec Locomotive Engine Repair overhaul inspection rebuild

Engine Repair

Wabtec Global Services offers full locomotive shop services, mobile maintenance, emissions certification, mobile wheel truing and integrated component support.

  • Complete locomotive overhauls and FRA-required
  • scheduled inspections
  • Engine and truck overhauls
  • Emissions testing and reduction packages
  • Mobile maintenance and wheel truing
  • Electrical cabinet upgrade and rebuild
  • Design and fabrication

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Engineering Services

At Xorail, we provide our clients with the necessary information to make feasibility, design, and estimating decisions throughout the course of a project. We were thefirst to introduce a completely electronic interactive survey data package to the railroad industry. The Electronic Interactive Survey is a state-of-the-art compilation of all the project information for a geographical location, including project plans, forms, maps, sketches, correspondence, and pictures related to a project. The Electronic Interactive Survey allows remote secure access to the most up-to-date project information without concern of version control that is required with traditional print and distribution updates. Access to this information is authorized only by the Client.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Designs Testing Consulting Engineering Services

Engineering Services

TransTech's team of engineers works to innovate and streamline products with decades of performance reliability.  They are available for consultation, design, and testing services.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Engineering Services Gerken Group

Engineering Services

The Gerken group specializes in the design and manufacture of graphite components. Gerken invests continuously in the development of new products to meet the expectations of different markets. We have set up teams and material resources dedicated to the design, design, development and validation of innovations.
In addition, we have set up research and development facilities at the Gerken sites in Belgium and Gerken SAS in France. Gerken SAS has a design office able to answer all the demands of its customers in the railway, industrial and wind sectors, as well as a test center allowing us to reproduce the often extreme conditions of use Devices and components.
Our development tools:

  • SolidWorks®: 3D Design and Construction
  • Software SolidWorks® Simulation Premium
  • AutoCAD®: 2D Drawing Software

We offer:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Project Management (AMDEC, RAMS Studies, Maintenance Manuals)
  • Optimization: standard parts / quantities / budgets and costs

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E-Track Inspection System

  •  Keeping Track of your inspection
  • Easy FRA Inspection Test Management
  • Offline and Mobile Devices
  • Defect Remediation

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Standard and custom profiles in a variety of sizes and materials. Autoclave curing. Applications include marine fender and snow plow blades.

Wabtec locomotive Fabrication Repair Overhaul Rebuild upgrade

Fabrication / Repair

Wabtec Global Services offers full locomotive shop services, mobile maintenance, emissions certification, mobile wheel truing and integrated component support.

  • Complete locomotive overhauls and FRA-required scheduled inspections
  • Engine and truck overhauls
  • Emissions testing and reduction packages
  • Mobile maintenance and wheel truing
  • Electrical cabinet upgrade and rebuild
  • Design and fabrication

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Fiber Optic Installation on Railroad Right of Way

Railroad Controls installs fiber optic cabling on railroad right of ways in conjunction with wayside signal installation projects.

Merz Field Service

Field Customer Service

119 serviceprojekte seit 2000

  • Vor-Ort-Kundendienst
  • Störungsbehebung
  • technische Beratung
  • PProduktpräsentation
  • Ersatzteile
  • Reparaturen
  • berholungen
  • Kundenspezifisches Lager
  • Modernisierung
  • Wartung
  • Schulung
  • Störungsmanagement
  • Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge
  • Lokomotiven
  • Reisezugwagen
  • triebwagenzüge
  • U-Bahnen
  • Straßenbahnen


  • Batterien
  • Bremsen
  • Drucklufterzeugung
  • Gleitschutzv
  • Klima
  • Kupplung
  • Räder
  • Sandung
  • Sitze
  • Türen
  • Video
  • WC

Merz Field Service

Field Customer Service

At home in Austria - ON THE JOB ALL OVER EUROPE
119 service projects since 2000

  • Field customer service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical consulting
  • Product presentation
  • Spare parts
  • Repairs
  • Overhauls
  • Customer-specific stores
  • Modernization
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Fault management


  • High speed trains
  • Locomotives
  • Passenger
  • EMUs/DMUs
  • Metros LRV


  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • AGTU
  • WSP
  • HVAC
  • Couplers
  • Wheels
  • Sanding
  • Seats
  • Doors
  • CCTV
  • Sanitary cabins

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Field Installations and Services

Wabtec Global Services (WGS) operates regionally strategic locations in order to provide a quick response if locomotive repair, component installation, maintenance (whether scheduled or unscheduled) or modification is required.
With service centers and a mobile locomotive truck fleet at many of our locations, WGS can bring the repairs to you. Services include (but are not limited to): Mobile Wheel Truing, Mobile Load Box, Mobile Crane and Welding, Component Installation, Minor Wreck Damage, Scheduled Maintenance (provided access to inspection pit), and more. Our highly trained technicians will be able to troubleshoot and repair many of the issues on the spot.

Wabtec locomotive train mobile Field Service Spare Parts

Field Service and Spare Parts

Service and maintenance is continued to the same quality level as our major products. Our dedicated team of service technicians provide rapid response to any engineering breakdown. Operating a 24 hour day emergency call-out service, 364 days a year, our multi-skilled service team are fully conversant with many types of locomotive, covering both diesel and electric powered traction systems.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Thermal Transfer Corporation Field Services

Field Services

Thermal Transfer Corporation offers the following field services for our equipment:

  • Installation supervision
  • Start-up supervision
  • Operating and maintenance training
  • Equipment inspection

The costs associated with these field services are in accordance with Thermal Transfer Corporation's standard field rates. Please contact us for a copy of our field rate schedule.

westinghouse air brake technologies company - Fire Prevention - Rail & Light Rail

Fire Prevention - Rail & Light Rail

  • Fire detection and extinguishing patented system on board rolling stocks and rail tunnels
  • Fire detection and extinguishing patented system for high technology buildings and high speed lines, underground Power and lighting systems
  • Telecommunication and signaling systems installation
  • Signal boxes and substations
  • ERTMS-1 (European Rail Traffic Management System), CTC (Centralized Traffic Control), SCMT (Control System Train Trip), SCC & ACC (Control and Command System) + (Central Computerized System) interlocking systems on rail lines, including installation and service

wabtec westinghouse air brake Fixed Stable Multi-year Pricing

Fixed Stable Multi-Year Pricing

Workhorse Rail welcomes long-term supply relationships through multi-year contracts. Lock in quality supply with fixed pricing from Workhorse Rail.

Wabtec Rail Maintenance Support Repair Technical Services

Fleet Maintenance and Technical Services

The combined resources and expertise of MotivePower (MPI) and Wabtec Global Services (WGS), provide a complete maintenance solution to any railroad.  Together they provide extensive background in component and subsystems manufacturing and repair as well as the service and maintenance of locomotives, passenger cars, rail facilities management and related equipment. These services are performed under the direction and management of Wabtec’s Locomotive Services team (MotivePower, Inc. and Wabtec Global Services) and have performed contract maintenance services for over 600 freight and commuter locomotives and passenger cars for the rail industry, including terminal operations and leasing companies.
Wabtec's team has outstanding and significant experience bringing new maintenance practices and fleet operational improvements to commuter railways. That experience includes:

  • Using reliability statistical data to not only assess fleet and subsystem performance, but also to use that data to improve preventive maintenance programs and procedures.
  • Implementing maintenance management systems to improve and inform maintenance strategies.
  • Using locomotive and rolling stock “health monitoring” systems to continuously monitor the performance, status, and faults of on-board systems.
  • Implementing reliability centered maintenance and condition based maintenance programs.
  • Training existing maintenance personnel in new practices and procedures, and ensuring they are focused on outcomes, not just maintenance processes.

wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive train FRA Inspections overhauls support

FRA Inspections

Wabtec Global Services offers full locomotive shop services, mobile maintenance, emissions certification, mobile wheel truing and integrated component support.

  • Complete locomotive overhauls and FRA-required scheduled inspections
  • Engine and truck overhauls
  • Emissions testing and reduction packages
  • Mobile maintenance and wheel truing
  • Electrical cabinet upgrade and rebuild
  • Design and fabrication

Wabtec locomotive service support mobile fuel tank repair

Fuel Tank Repair

Wabtec Global Services offers full locomotive shop services, mobile maintenance, emissions certification, mobile wheel truing and integrated component support.

  • Complete locomotive overhauls and FRA-required scheduled inspections
  • Engine and truck overhauls
  • Emissions testing and reduction packages
  • Mobile maintenance and wheel truing
  • Electrical cabinet upgrade and rebuild
  • Design and fabrication

wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive support overhaul Gear Train Repair

Gear Train Repair

Wabtec Global Services offers full locomotive shop services, mobile maintenance, emissions certification, mobile wheel truing and integrated component support.• Complete locomotive overhauls and FRA-required scheduled inspections• Engine and truck overhauls• Emissions testing and reduction packages• Mobile maintenance and wheel truing• Electrical cabinet upgrade and rebuild• Design and fabrication

wabtec westinghouse air brake Heat Recovery Equipment Repairs

Heat Recovery Equipment Repairs

Many of Thermal Transfer Corporation's products are repaired or rebuilt in our manufacturing facility. TTC also repairs and rebuilds units originally supplied by its competitors. The cost associated with most of our repairs is typically a fraction of the cost of a new unit.
Reasons to have Thermal Transfer perform your repair work include:

  • Same warranty as new unit for repair work
  • Pressure test performed (if required)
  • Fast turnaround provided
  • Materials in accordance with original specifications
  • Upgrades included improve longevity in service
  • New refractory installed (as required)
  • Redesign available to increase heating surface

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wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive Train Hire Lease Outright Purchase sales

Hire, Lease, Outright Purchase

Whatever you’re locomotive requirements HEC have a business package to suit all your operational needs. Locomotives are readily available for immediate lease hire or outright purchase. Business packages can be arranged to incorporate full service and maintenance cover for short, medium or long-term hire. Whatever, your immediate requirements you can be guaranteed that all Hunslet locomotives are maintained to the highest standard to provide for maximum operational availability.

wabtec HVAC retrofit off-site maintenance overhaul upgrade


Wabtec Rail, through the incorporation of Vapor Stone, has an internationally renown reputation for the supply of vehicle heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Our HVAC services cover everything from the design, manufacture and installation of new systems through to the upgrade and refurbishment of existing units. We are also able to provide a comprehensive spare parts and component overhaul service for not only Wabtec and Vapor Stone systems but also Westinghouse, Temperature, Stone Iberica and EBAC units. No matter what type of system you have, we have the skills and resources to provide exceptionally reliable, cost effective solutions.
Our engineering teams have considerable experience in the design of new HVAC systems for all types of rail vehicle ranging from locomotive cab air cooling to fully controlled passenger rolling stock air conditioning systems. Our engineers are available from the start of any new build contract to provide advice on air conditioning installations and vehicle interfaces. We can advise on system designs, heating and cooling capacities and associated power requirements. Systems can be designed as modular, self-contained units or split in-built systems sized to fit the available space.
For passenger rolling stock and locomotive cabs that lack air conditioning we provide full HVAC design, manufacture and installation packages tailored to suit your particular requirements. An example of our innovative retrofit solutions is the installation of air conditioning units for Class 165 diesel multiple units. Here we were able to produce a unit located within the overhead passenger luggage rack. For the installation of a cab air conditioning system on the HSBC Rail owned Class 455 units a unit was designed that located within the existing exterior vehicle front door with a magazine-loading air conditioning unit. The final product took up very little space and integrated seamlessly with the existing systems.
Increasingly we undertake maintenance work on our clients’ own sites, where our offsite teams provide a complete service to the very highest standards.
We have an enviable reputation in undertaking the overhaul and upgrading of HVAC systems. Our facilities include full strip and re-build, power wash, steam cleaning, shot blasting, spray application painting, polyester powder coating, refrigerant conversion, motor overhaul, compressor overhaul/re-manufacture, heater exchanger overhaul/renewal, control circuit overhaul/re-wire, full functional testing and full performance validation. In addition we undertake various system enhancements such as DC to AC motor conversion and control panel upgrades. AFTER-SALES SUPPORT Our after-sales support is second to none and includes technical back-up, health checks, service contracts, training and the supply of replacement parts for Stone, Westinghouse, Temperature and EBAC. Tailoring service packages to meet our clients’ individual needs, we focus at all times on quality and safety.

Westinghouse air brake company - Fire Prevention Industrial & Civil Plants

Industrial and Civil Plants

  • Conversion and transmission systems in high voltage DC
  • Power, Lighting & Idroelectrical Plants
  • Electro-instrumental and mechanical assembly Electrical substations and distribution systems
  • Fire detection and fire alarms, hydro sanitary, primary and secondary electrical systems, data control panels, air conditioning, heating and thermal plants for buildings and infrastructures with realization of civil works
  • Motorway lighting plants

wabtec westinghouse air brake train locomotive cars Interior Refurbishment

Interior Refurbishment

The appearance, comfort and on-board facilities on a passenger vehicle are essential in winning and keeping passengers. Today vehicles need to look good and reflect care and commitment on the part of operators.
Our refurbishment teams are involved with the complete spread of interior enhancement activities including undertaking full interior refurbishment and refinishing, fitting new floor coverings, the installation of passenger information and CCTV systems, the introduction of new seating and the installation of new lighting. 
Combining practicality with aesthetics, we make sure that rolling stock looks its best and performs to the highest standards.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Iron castings

Iron Castings

SanCasT produces high-quality castings in weights ranging from one to 120 pounds on our Hunter® 20 X 26 and BP® 20 X 26 molding machines in the following irons: 

  • Class 25 and Class 30 Gray Iron
  • Acicular Gray Iron
  • Ferritic Ductile Iron
  • Pearlitic Ductile Iron

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies IRSE Assessing Agency

IRSE Assessing Agency

WCS UK operate an IRSE/EAL assessing agency and signalling training academy. We provide signalling training and competence development to graduate engineers and professionally qualified rail specialists who want to enhance their railway signalling expertise. Our Excellence in Achievement and Learning (EAL) approved academy incorporates a fully accredited IRSE assessing agency, which allows us to offer a multitude of workplace and competence assessments on behalf of the signalling professional body.

LA - Superior Sales & Service

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
Superior Sales & Service
1139 Burt Street
Shreveport, LA  71107

Wabtec Service Repair Train Car Locomotive Air Compressors

Locomotive Air Compressors

Combining a long history of compressor remanufacturing from Triangle Engineered Products, the design and development experience of OEM compressor manufacturing through Wabtec Locomotive Products and the North American network of Wabtec Global Services repair centers, Wabtec offers comprehensive compressor solutions for the rail industry. Wabtec offers a complete line of air-cooled, water-cooled, and rotary compressors for OE application as well as remanufacturing services for the aftermarket.

  • One contact for all your compressor needs
  • ISO 9001-2008 and AAR M-1003 certified
  • OEM design and development product knowledge
  • Custom packages for unique applications
  • Motor and direct drive compressors in both air and water-cooled technology
  • Complete rotary air generation packages

Remanufacturing Capabilities:

  • In-house cylinder and shaft remanufacture
  • In-house Magna-flux capability
  • Access to development upgrades
  • Internal access to a wide variety of replacement components
  • Core management services
  • North American network of service locations 


Wabtec Locomotive Modules Modernization Kits upgrade

Locomotive Modules and Modernization Kits

MotivePower, Inc. (MPI), offers a variety of locomotive equipment modules and modernization kits. Updates including fully equipped FRA Crash Worthy Cabs, High Voltage cabinets, AC cabinets, operator control consoles and HEP skids are available for a wide range of switching and road application locomotives.
MPI also offers MPXpress® modernization kits to upgrade lighting, reliability, braking, remote diagnostics, emissions and reduce operating noise.