Global Career Opportunities

We are committed to empowering employees to achieve their professional goals, because our employees’ goals matter to us. We encourage continuous learning and growth, and we develop our people through hands-on experience.  We help them “learn by doing,” and we encourage people to get out of their comfort zones and try new things.

As a global company, operating in 50 countries, career opportunities are boundless. Our marketplace and workplaces span the globe. Traveling the world and working with global customers from diverse cultures often results in eye-opening and life-changing experiences that broaden your perspectives and your skills. Wabtec is a great place to work for people with ambitions to succeed at a global level.

Career paths are flexible at Wabtec – not “one-size-fits-all”. Whether you aspire to become a functional expert, to lead a team or to drive the strategy of a business unit, Wabtec provides many flexible options for your career. We do not view career advancement as checking boxes or moving up a ladder rung by rung. We believe diverse and challenging assignments help you to grow and that career paths are unique to each person.

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