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Wabtec Bach-Simpson Event Recorder

1 - Event Recorder

Meets and exceeds FRA, IEEE, GM/RT and EEIG crash protection standards
Today's rail transportation industry is more dynamic and complex than ever before. Rail transport companies are rapidly adopting high-tech solutions to help manage and maintain their fleet. Event data recording is a very effective solution that has been deployed throughout the rail transportation industry. Recording vehicle data is essential to operating and maintaining safe and efficient vehicles, and providing an effective health monitoring system.
Recorded data provides vital information for accident investigations, train handling studies, fuel conservation, vehicle performance, and preventative maintenance programs.
Bach-Simpson™ Event Recorders are engineered for maximum flexibility, meeting your immediate needs while allowing for future expandability. Bach-Simpson Event Recorders are complimented with a Windows® PC software package for service personnel to download and graphically analyze data from the Event Recorder.
A typical Bach-Simpson Event Recorder system is capable of monitoring and recording discrete frequency, analog voltage, digital input signals and Train-line network communications, as well as controlled outputs and optional features to support features that include a Train Monitoring (Alerter) System for operator alertness, remote download capability, speed display, auxiliary light control, horn sequencing, and various other control and monitoring functions.
The internal Crash Hardened Memory Module (CHM) meets or exceeds the latest FRA and IEEE 1482.1 crashworthy requirements for event recorders. This Crash Hardened Memory Module protects data from the most extreme conditions; Fire, Shock, Crush and Volatile Liquids.
The Train Monitoring System (TMS) or Vigilance/Alerter can be integrated within the event recorder, to ensures operator vigilance at all times. The TMS examines the engineer's control handling actions and will automatically bring the train to a stop should the engineer become incapacitated or unable to perform normal duties.
The Auxiliary Light Control consists of 2 sets of relay contacts for independent control of the Left and Right Auxiliary Lights. The operation of the two ditch light control outputs is user programmable for the auto mode flashing trigger source (Bell, Horn or both) and flashing rate and hold period timing parameters.
The Horn Sequencer responds to a single operator’s command to an external horn control relay, for providing the appropriate horn sequence activation.
Electrical Specifications:

  • Compliant to EN50155
  • Nominal Voltages: 110VDC, 74VDC, 32VDC, 24VDC
  • Reverse polarity, over voltage and transient protected (±4,000 V @ 80j)
  • Isolated signal inputs to IEEE1482.1


  • Compliant to EN50125-1
  • IP54 with IP67 Crash Hardened Memory
  • Operating -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)

 Other Technical Data:

  • Crash Hardened Memory Module meets or exceeds FRA, IEEE, GM/RT and EEIG crash protection standards
    • Records discrete frequency, analog and digital channels. Provides multiple control outputs
    • Train network and communication compatibility (MVB, Ethernet, RS232/422/485, CAN, LonWorks)


Wabtec Corp universal brake cylinder

10" Deep Drawn Brake Cylinder

Aimed at improving our ability to support customer orders with shorter lead times. Wabtec introduced the new universal brake cylinder, available in 10” and 8 1/2” sizes.

  • Available in 10" with one part number for the cylinder size
  • Incorporates three air flanges with the universal non-pressure head
  • Can be oriented in four different mounting positions
  • Better inventory control and greater flexibility in product usage

Wabtec Freight Car Products 2500 DJ Slack Adjuster

2500 DJ Slack Adjuster

Wabtec designs and manufactures self adjusting slack adjusters.

  • Tension Slack Adjuster,  AAR Group R
  • Targeted on cars with direct exposure to the environment (Rain/Snow/Ice) — Tank Cars
  • Interchangeable with 2300-DJ, AAR Group E.
  • Maintains the same universal installation as a 2300-DJ
  • AAR conditionally approved, currently in field trial
  • Offering Universal Slack Adjusters
  • Double acting - takes up slack
  • Self adjusting
  • AAR approved, used in conventional body mounted brake systems

Wabtec Corp 4-Port Hose Assembly Freight Cars

4-Port Hose Assembly

  • Standard on both cart and truck mount units
  • Detachable
  • Includes interface connector

Wabtec Freight Car 4-Port Receivers and Access Plates

4-Port Receivers and Access Plates

Wabtec offers 4-Port receivers and a variety of access plates for application with the various pipe bracket mounting arrangements
The Automated Single Car Test Device helps save time:

  • Over 90% of problems are diagnosed in the first 15 min of testing
  • Average test time is approximately 27 minutes; up to 50% time savings
  • Easier failure diagnosis
  • Reduces human errors which cause "false failures" that are commonplace in manual testing
  • To provide more accurate test results, 4 pressure ports (brake pipe, brake cylinder, auxiliary reservoir and emergency reservoir) are monitored, versus monitoring brake pipe and brake cylinder only in end of car testing Offering:
  • Top 0°
  • Top 90°
  • Bottom 45°
  • Bottom 15°
  • Front
  • 4-Port Receiver with optional Brake Cylinder Read Device

Wabtec Corporation D77 Terminal Lug

8133497-FCW D77 Terminal Lug

  • FAI with existing customers approved, and parts in service
  • COMING SOON:  Ability to order as complete “Kits” (6 Lugs)


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AB Valve Mounting Gaskets

  • Service Portion Gasket
  • Emergency Portion Gasket

Wabtec Corp Freight Car ABDX® Control Valve

ABDX® Control Valve

Since its introduction in 1989, the ABDX control valve has undergone numerous improvements to increase service life and make the valve more robust in the demanding and ever-evolving railroad environment.

  • ABDX for standard cars having 45 - 75 feet of brake pipe
  • ABDX-L for cars with 75 feet of brake pipe
  • ABDX-SS for non-interchange applications with less than 45 feet of brake pipe

Features / Benefits:

  • Available in either the traditional "AB-type" pipe bracket mounting arrangement or mounted on a single sided pipe bracket that places service and emergency portion right in front for easy access
  • A valve design that assures precise operating performance and proper brake cylinder pressure under all braking conditions, including the most demanding grade situations
  • High reliability and long service life, stemming from continuous, adaptive product improvements combined with Wabtec's dedication to quality
  • Thoroughly tested to demanding standards and serialized for traceability 
  • Operationally stable for quick response sensitivity while avoiding undesired emergency and/or unintended service brake applications
  • Aluminum construction makes them half the weight of cast iron valves and much easier to handle
  • Cleaner aluminum castings are alodined for corrosion resistance
  • Built-in accommodation available for precise, automatic on-car testing

Sancsast Acicular Iron

Acicular Iron

Acicular Iron This rigid, high-strength, wear-resistant material is used in high-wear abrasive-resistant applications. 

  • BHN Range 302-401

Others available by request

Wabtec Air Brake Valve Repair Kits for Freight Cars

Air Brake Valve Repair Kits

  • ABD
  • ABDX
  • ABDX Vibration Upgrades

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Wabtec Corp Air Hose Hanger Freight Cars

Air Hose Hanger

Consisting of a five-piece forged and welded unit, the air hose hanger incorporates a ball and socket design that enables the integral 60 degree hose fitting to swing in any direction. Since hose and fittings can move with the coupler, hose kinking, tracking and breaking are reduced. A welding plate attaches completed assemblies to the car. The unit includes a 1 1/4 inch, 60 degree angle fitting for application to cars with long shank couplers and/or sliding center sills. Hangers come in various lengths.

Air Hose Support Cable

Air Hose Support Cable

Air Hose Support Cable (AH22). AAR S-4006 approved. Over 500,000 in service. Quick use carabiner clips make install easy.

Air Hose Support Chain

Air Hose Support Chain

Air Hose Support Chain (CC22). AAR S-4006 approved. Quick use carabiner clips make install easy.

Air Reservoirs

Reservoirs with various volumes, dimensions and connections acording to EN and AAR norms. Technical characteristics are in accordance with regulations for high pressure vessels. EN norms air reservoirs are CE certified.

Angle Cocks

Wabtec offers Dynaball brake pipe end cocks, angle cocks, and dirt collector cutout cocks.

  • Wabtec offers angle cocks with a Teflon-coated ball to provide smooth, effortless hand movement
  • Rubber seals within Wabtec's angle cocks are self-lubricating, self- cleaning and self-adjusting to reduce leakage and can be replaced quickly
  • The cock provides a means for the manual closing of the brake pipe, as on the end of the last car of a train consist, and the continuation of the brake pipe between coupled cars by the connection of an attached brake hose assembly

Automated Single Car Test Device ASCTD Calibration Kit

ASCTD Calibration Kit

  • Available for purchase to maintain ASCTD calibration as required

Wabtec Corp Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE)

Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE)

Bach-Simpson™ Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE) provides a combination of automatically sequenced and manually selected electrical signal stimulation to an electronic unit under test. The system simulates the normal and threshold operational ranges of each of the inputs and communication channels of the test unit. The BTE utilizes an electronic control system based on a PC computer mounted inside a portable metal "rack" enclosure, with a touchscreen interface to allow the user to select appropriate testing procedures.
For more information, please Contact Us

Automated Single Car Test Device ASCTD Freight Products

Automated Single Car Test Device

Wabtec offers an Automated Single Car Test Device for 4-Port and traditional end of car testing. The ASCTD offers significant time and cost savings compared to the traditional way single car tests are performed manually. It’s scalable to accommodate future upgrades including ECP testing and its fundamental accuracy in air brake testing improves the road reliability of every car tested.

  • AAR approved single car test device
  • Hand held user interface
  • Compliant with AAR Specification S-4027
  • Capable of running both an end of car test or the 4-Port enhanced test
  • The efficient 4-Port system provides a precise method for testing freight car air brakes while requiring only half the time of the conventional manual test, and provides a far more comprehensive test
  • Greatly improves the accuracy of testing the car brake system by providing a documented record of the results and reduces costly misdiagnosis and the erroneous removal of properly functioning valve portions
  • 3 Power Options include 110 volt AC line power, internal battery and 12 volt DC vehicle electrical supply
  • Windows based user interface device with 10”touchscreen
  • Auxiliary power and communication ports for future expansion (ECP testing)

Cart Mount

  • Cart mount device for ease of use in shop environment
  • Comes with 4-Port hose assembly, brake cylinder hose reel and end of car adapter

 Truck Mount

  • Includes truck mount rails for hi-rail vehicles
  • Comes with 4-Port hose assembly, brake cylinder tubing and end of car adapter

*To obtain the latest software for your device, please contact your local Wabtec sales representative. 

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Automatic Derail Valve

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