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Wabtec Freight Car Products Branch Pipe Tees

Branch Pipe Tees

Branch pipe tees comply with AAR specification S-400

Bridge Plates

Bridge Plates

Workhorse Rail supplies AAR M-951 Approved High Capacity Bridge Plates.

  • Heavy-duty bridge plates designed and manufactured in Pittsburgh.
  • 53" and 56” sizes are made out of advanced aerospace aluminum alloy.
  • Workhorse plates are powder coated over skid resistant grit to provide the most durable finish available in the industry, reducing maintenance costs.

Brush Holder Springs

Brush Holder Springs and Assemblies

It takes quality brush holder springs, spring assemblies, and pressure finger assemblies to keep brush holders operating efficiently. Whether we duplicate your design or engineer an enhanced assembly, Fulmer Company manufactures a variety of products that maximize performance.

  • Wire Torsion Springs
  • Extension Springs
  • Compression Springs
  • Flat Wire Clock Springs
  • Leaf Springs
  • Constant Force Springs
  • Spring Assemblies
  • Pressure Finger Assemblies
  • Brush Wear Indicators

Materials capabilities include all alloys from carbon and stainless steel to phosphorous bronze and beryllium copper. For more information, please contact us.

Bushings Workhorse Rail


Workhorse Rail supplies a wide range of bushings for spine car hitch and box car door use.

Wabtec Corp Freight Car Products Car Control & ID (CCID) Junction Box

Car Control & ID (CCID) Junction Box

The ECP Car Control Device (CCD) is contained in a field removable lid to a junction box package. The junction box provides termination of car cabling, and houses the Car ID module and battery.

Wabtec Corp Products Cast Iron Insert Brake Block

Cast Iron Insert Brake Block

FIP manufactures a cast iron INSERT block used for removing minor defects as well as roughening the wheel to improve wheel to rail adhesion. The friction material surrounding the cast iron insert is a composite friction material.

Wabtec Corp Freight Car Products Castings


Barber Steel Foundry Corp. produces Steel Castings out of several grades of, but not limited to: B, B+, C grades, 1020, 1030, 1040 and E grade, 8620, 8625, 8630 and 8640. Casting sizes range from 50 lbs. to 5000 lbs. utilizing coreless induction melting and molding with the no bake process. 
Barber Steel Foundry Corp. is an accredited ISO 9001:2008, AAR M1003 and AAR M210 supplier.

 Wear Products - Center Liner

Center Liner

Manganese Horizontal Center Liners. Three (3) sizes available: 13-3/4", 13-7/8", 15-3/4". Meets AAR S-307 standards. Available in ASTM A514 Grade B Material.

Center Plate 14″ Separable

Center Plate 14″ Separable

AAR Approved 14" Separable Center Plate. Forged and Cast available. No material surcharges.

Center Plate 16″ Low Profile

Center Plate 16″ Low Profile

AAR Approved 16" Low Profile Drop-In Center Plate. Forged and Cast available. Direct container deliveries available (cuts out freight). No material surcharges.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Change-Over Mechanism

Change-Over Mechanism

The empty- ½ load - load over device is used on freight cars with 3-stage load controlled braking.

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Change-Over Mechanism

Brake type change-over devices are used to set the desired brake type in vehicles with several available brake types. This device is located on both sides of the wagon.

Brake control train freight locomotive parts

Change-Over Mechanism

ON/Off brake control change-over devices switch on and off the complete brake system and are mechanically linked to the distributor and other valves.  Brake type change-over devices are used to set the desired brake type in vehicles with several available brake types. This device is located on both sides of the wagon.



Brake clevis available in seven (7) sizes. Forged.

Clevis Pins

Clevis Pins

Zinc-plated Clevis Pins. Always in stock.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Shoes and Pad

COBRA® TreadGuard® Brake Shoe

V672 - 1.5" Hi Cap Freight TREADGUARD® Brake Shoe "Day One"
V674 - 2" Hi Cap TREADGUARD® Brake Shoe "Day One"
V606 - 18" All Weather Locomotive Brake Shoe
V626 - 14" "Day One" TREADGUARD® Locomotive Brake Shoe
The COBRA® TreadGuard® Brake Shoe has a special composition material and cast iron insert(s).
TreadGuard is a value-added brake shoe that:

  • Minimizes wheel replacement and turnings
  • Conditions and cleans the wheel tread
  • Improves rail to wheel adhesion
  • Provides longer brake shoe life

Additional TreadGuard Freight Brake Shoe Features:

  • AAR approval to M-926
  • AAR job code approval (1842 & 1843)
  • Dual faced radius and chamfered edges
  • AP design
  • Painted red for immediate identification

Additional TreadGuard Locomotive Brake Shoe Features

  • Meets AAR RP-599
  • Offset and AP configurations
  • Two inserts for optimum wheel conditioning
  • Painted red for immediate identification

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Commlink II

Commlink II

Wabtec’s Communication Manager, Commlink II, provides IP routing and communication management functions.

  • Host for additional applications such as:
        – ITC application gateway
        – Event recorder download
        – Video recorder health
        – Fuel reporting
        – Health monitoring
  • Card-file architecture provides flexibility
        – Mobile access router
        – General purpose computer
  • Fully qualified for locomotive environment
  • Shared components with I-ETMS® TMC simplifies logistics management
  • Core system comprised of processor module, router / switch module (RSM), cellular modems, and GPS receiver

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Products Components


Axiom Rail Components offers a wide range of components to support the activities of it’s customer base. We are able to provide wheel sizes from 500mm dia to 1400mm dia compliant with European Standards such as EN13261 and meet all TSI requirements. With access to an annual capacity of up to 1,000,000 wheels, Axiom Rail is able to achieve very stringent delivery requirements. We are able to offer fully assembled wheelsets covering a wide range of applications. All components are manufactured in accordance with the latest specifications and where applicable meet country specific requirements. Our manufacturers utilise the most advanced wheel and axle production techniques benefiting from computer controlled systems to manage all aspects of the production and manufacturing processes.In support of the growing numbers of Axiom Rail suspension systems now in traffic, we are able to offer a fully flexible repair, overhaul and maintenance service as well as the supply of individual new components.
Monobloc Wheels

  • 1,000,000 production capacity
  • 500mm dia to 1400mm dia
  • TSI Approval
  • DB HPQ Approval


  • Compliant to EN13260
  • TSI Approved
  • Bearing and axlebox fitting available

Freight Spares

  • LN25, AMIII and LN25sa single axle
  • Drawgear components
  • Brake components

Wabtec Freight Locomotive Products Composite Sintered Brake Shoes

Composite & Sintered Brake Shoes

Composite & sintered materials for various applications

Wabtec Composite Arc Protection

Composite Arc Protection

Brecknell Willis Composites’ Composite Arc Protection is produced using ether traditional hand lay or cold press manufacturing methods out of Synolite T001-T-1 and chopped strand mat.