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wabtec westinghouse air brake 100% Hardness Testing

100% Hardness Testing

Every AAR Casting is individually hardness tested to ensure AAR requirements are surpassed.

wabtec westinghouse air brake 100% Wet Mag Particle Inspection

100% Wet Mag Particle Inspection

Every Workhorse Knuckle and Coupler is wet mag particle inspected. This guarantees casting quality over and above industry requirements.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Stainless Steel Badge Plates

AAR S-374 Type Stainless Steel Badge Plates

Cardwell Westinghouse can laser etch customer brake rigging schematics from supplied .DXF type files onto AAR S-734 type stainless steel badge plates.

  • Cardwell’s laser etching machine draws the carbon in the metal plate to the surface leaving a dark brown black etched impression and does not use paint, which can wear away over time
  • Ability to easily clean dirt and grit from the stainless steel plate

Wabtec Bespoke Composite Moulding Manufacture Support

Bespoke Composite Moulding Manufacture

Brecknell Willis Composites manufactures high quality composite mouldings ranging from hand held Arc Shields to Train Cabs & 23 Meter Radomes.
Resin Systems:

  • Polyester: A general purpose system that can meet Fire specifications from CLASS 3 to 1.
  • Synolite 5001-T-1: For Electrical protection used for many Arc Barriers and Arc shields.
  • Phenolic: Exceptional fire, smoke and toxicity performance.
  • Vinylester: Extremely stable, perfect for tooling and moulds.


  • Chopped strand Glass Fibre mat
  • Woven Glass & Carbon Fibre Fabrics
  • Foam Core reinforcement

westinghouse air brake technologies corporation company Best Casting Solidity

Best Casting Solidity

As a result of Workhorse Rail's casting process, internal inspections of Workhorse castings reveal unsurpassed levels of casting solidity.

westinghouse air brake technologies corporation Repairs Services Bogie / Casting Overhaul

Bogie / Casting Overhaul

Wabtec Rail undertakes the overhaul, refurbishment and conversion of all types of locomotive, passenger rolling stock and freight wagon bogies. We are able to offer our customers a fully comprehensive service with the overhaul of the wheelsets, brake equipment, suspension systems and dampers undertaken in-house at our works. We are able to undertake the repair of damaged and fractured bogie frames. Our workshops are fully equipped for carrying out shot blasting, non-destructive testing and repainting of bogies.
We provide all accepts a refurbishment service, and currently overhaul, diesel multiple units, electric multiple units, passenger and freight bogies.  The dirty bogies are collected from the customers premise and on receipt at our state of the art workshops, the bogies are cleaned and then components are removed for overhaul. The bogie frames are then shot blasted and undergo examinations, including magnetic particle inspection of key and known and defect areas. The equipment that has been removed is overhauled on our line side production cells, the specialized components, including wheelsets and braking equipment are overhauled in specific production silo. Once the component overhaul is complete the bogie frames are painted are then reassembled with the overhauled equipment. Prior to output, the bogie suspension is adjusted, so they can fit straight under a train. The bogies are then returned to the customer and are ready to undertake passenger service. We also offer a 48-hour turn around service, which reduces the need for addition float requirements to support turnaround times. We have the skills base to offer any heavy engineering solutions including non-destructive testing. We have a large and highly trained workforce and invest in apprenticeship training programs to ensure that our skill bases are maintained.

Wabtec Design Manufacture Repair Overhaul Freight Bogies


Design, Manufacture & Accreditation of Track Friendly Freight Bogies

  • Repair & Overhaul of Freight Bogies
  • Freight Bogie Suspension Review & Enhancement
  • Repair & Overhaul of Passenger Bogies

Wabtec locomotive Services Brake Actuator Repair Overhaul

Brake Actuator Repair & Overhaul

Wabtec Rail overhaul and repair a full range of Railway Air Brake Components from various manufacturers including Knorr Bremse (Westinghouse), Faiveley (SAB WABCO), Wabtec/Wabco and Wabtec MZT.
Our overhaul expertise extends across a full range of components including distributors, brake cylinders, disc brake actuators, slack adjusters/regulators, air reservoirs, end cocks and hoses. We also supply and support a range of new UIC and TSI approved components from our sister company Wabtec MZT.

Wabtec Freight Locomotive Brake Actuator Repair Overhaul

Brake Distributor Repair & Overhaul

Wabtec Rail overhaul and repair a full range of Railway Air Brake Components from various manufacturers including Knorr Bremse (Westinghouse), Faiveley (SAB WABCO), Wabtec/Wabco and Wabtec MZT.
Our overhaul expertise extends across a full range of components including distributors, brake cylinders, disc brake actuators, slack adjusters/regulators, air reservoirs, end cocks and hoses. We also supply and support a range of new UIC and TSI approved components from our sister company Wabtec MZT.

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Premium rubber coated fabrics and sheet stock available cured or uncured. Custom compounding, configurations in a range of elastomers and fabrics (some U/L listed). Excellent for use in molded applications as well as gasket and die cutting material

wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Train Servicing Chock Reconditioning

Chock Reconditioning

  • Wabtec reconditions chocks by thoroughly cleaning, inspecting, and equipping them with new straps
  • Wabtec replaces worn parts are replaced with new before upgrading the devices with our latest patent-pending, proprietary enhancements, assuring the best reconditioned chocks available
  • Steel bodies are sand-blasted then powder-coated, creating a clean durable finish that is corrosion resistant.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Composite Finishing Paint Assembly Servicing

Composite Finishing and Assembly Service

Brecknell Willis Composites boasts an expansive finishing workshop. 

  • In-house spray paint & bake facilities
  • "Self-coloured", Gelcoat finish mouldings

For more complex components, some assembly is required. This may involve drilling holes, adding threaded inserts or bonding other reinforcement onto the composite material.

Wabtec Repairs Composite Refurbishment Service

Composite Refurbishment Service

Due to the adaptable nature of composite materials, many components can be repaired after being damaged or worn out. Brecknell Willis Composites offers regular refurbishment and modification services to extend the lifespan of their customer's GRP products.
Refurbishment services:

  • Product modification
  • Insert replacement
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Structural Composite repairs

wabtec westinghouse air brake Gate Systems Design & Manufacture

Design and Manufacture

Gate Systems: AEROgates are highly durable, user-friendly outlet gates that will protect your commodity for the long haul. These innovative designs are based on years of research attacking and eliminating the most common gate issues including pinion skipping, door plate ejection, and door plate sealing. Steel, stainless steel, powder coat, and various sizes are just a few of the infinite AEROgate options available.
Cover Systems: With 30 years of experience, ATP is the acknowledged industry leader and knows hatch covers. Whether your cars were built decades ago or are rolling out of the builder’s plant tomorrow, we have the expertise you can trust for your cars and service. Throughs, rounds, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, food grade, corrosion resistant, dual opening or batten free, are just some of the options available to protect your commodity.
Contact us today and learn why ATP covering systems and gate are just what you are looking for.

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Elastomer Bonding & Overmolding

Rubber-to-fabric, rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-phenolic / thermoset. Specially formulated adhesive systems strong enough to provide consistent bonds that withstand flexing and chemical attack found in harsh environments

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Standard and custom profiles in a variety of sizes and materials. Autoclave curing. Applications include marine fender and snow plow blades.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Fixed Stable Multi-year Pricing

Fixed Stable Multi-Year Pricing

Workhorse Rail welcomes long-term supply relationships through multi-year contracts. Lock in quality supply with fixed pricing from Workhorse Rail.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Iron castings

Iron Castings

SanCasT produces high-quality castings in weights ranging from one to 120 pounds on our Hunter® 20 X 26 and BP® 20 X 26 molding machines in the following irons: 

  • Class 25 and Class 30 Gray Iron
  • Acicular Gray Iron
  • Ferritic Ductile Iron
  • Pearlitic Ductile Iron

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Maintenance Support

Maintenance Support

Maintenance support can be provided for a range of freight rolling stock to insure that safety, performance and operator requirements are effectively met.
Axiom Rail employs specialist engineering staff that provide maintenance support for a large range of rolling stock, this is further reinforced by a technical support and logistics network.
The level of maintenance support can be tailored to meet operational requirements and ensure that performance regime targets are achieved.
A range of packages can be offered:

  • Scheduled maintenance, inspection and exams
  • Major component replacement
  • Performance improvement packages
  • Wheel re-profiling
  • Technical support
  • Mobile services including line of route cover
  • Total fleet and depot management

Axiom Rail has access to an extensive network of depots and facilities located throughout the UK. This network provides the opportunity to reduce movements and improve diagramming by leveraging Axiom Rail’s geographic advantage.
With extensive knowledge of fleet maintenance and depot management we are able to offer total fleet management solutions including performance improvement packages. These solutions could be provided at Axiom Rail or third parties depot locations.
Why choose Axiom Rail Maintenance solutions?

  • Proven History
  • Dependable Supplier
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Experience
  • Geographic Advantage

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Mandrel Building

Supported and unsupported elements from 1" to 30' long in a range of diameters. Autoclave curing (30" high x 52' long or 78" high x 53.5' long). All rubber, fabric-reinforced rubber and metal-reinforced rubber