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Wabtec Bach-Simpson Event Recorder

1 - Event Recorder

Meets and exceeds FRA, IEEE, GM/RT and EEIG crash protection standards
Today's rail transportation industry is more dynamic and complex than ever before. Rail transport companies are rapidly adopting high-tech solutions to help manage and maintain their fleet. Event data recording is a very effective solution that has been deployed throughout the rail transportation industry. Recording vehicle data is essential to operating and maintaining safe and efficient vehicles, and providing an effective health monitoring system.
Recorded data provides vital information for accident investigations, train handling studies, fuel conservation, vehicle performance, and preventative maintenance programs.
Bach-Simpson™ Event Recorders are engineered for maximum flexibility, meeting your immediate needs while allowing for future expandability. Bach-Simpson Event Recorders are complimented with a Windows® PC software package for service personnel to download and graphically analyze data from the Event Recorder.
A typical Bach-Simpson Event Recorder system is capable of monitoring and recording discrete frequency, analog voltage, digital input signals and Train-line network communications, as well as controlled outputs and optional features to support features that include a Train Monitoring (Alerter) System for operator alertness, remote download capability, speed display, auxiliary light control, horn sequencing, and various other control and monitoring functions.
The internal Crash Hardened Memory Module (CHM) meets or exceeds the latest FRA and IEEE 1482.1 crashworthy requirements for event recorders. This Crash Hardened Memory Module protects data from the most extreme conditions; Fire, Shock, Crush and Volatile Liquids.
The Train Monitoring System (TMS) or Vigilance/Alerter can be integrated within the event recorder, to ensures operator vigilance at all times. The TMS examines the engineer's control handling actions and will automatically bring the train to a stop should the engineer become incapacitated or unable to perform normal duties.
The Auxiliary Light Control consists of 2 sets of relay contacts for independent control of the Left and Right Auxiliary Lights. The operation of the two ditch light control outputs is user programmable for the auto mode flashing trigger source (Bell, Horn or both) and flashing rate and hold period timing parameters.
The Horn Sequencer responds to a single operator’s command to an external horn control relay, for providing the appropriate horn sequence activation.
Electrical Specifications:

  • Compliant to EN50155
  • Nominal Voltages: 110VDC, 74VDC, 32VDC, 24VDC
  • Reverse polarity, over voltage and transient protected (±4,000 V @ 80j)
  • Isolated signal inputs to IEEE1482.1


  • Compliant to EN50125-1
  • IP54 with IP67 Crash Hardened Memory
  • Operating -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)

 Other Technical Data:

  • Crash Hardened Memory Module meets or exceeds FRA, IEEE, GM/RT and EEIG crash protection standards
    • Records discrete frequency, analog and digital channels. Provides multiple control outputs
    • Train network and communication compatibility (MVB, Ethernet, RS232/422/485, CAN, LonWorks)


Wabtec Power Supply for Locomotives

230VDC Trainline Power Supply

The 230VDC Trainline Power Supply converts the Locomotive Battery Voltage to the 230 VDC power required to operate the ECP devices. The power supply also provides the 24VDC output used for sequencing ECP compliant cars and locomotives.

  • Interfaces directly to the locomotive inverter output and EIU
  • 74VDC to 230VDC conversion for trainline power
  • 24 VDC for sequencing cars and locomotives
  • Over current protection
  • Trainline polarity matching

Wabtec Check Valve for Locomotives

24-A Double Check Valve

Allows air flow from one of two separate sources to a common point of use without either of the two sources being connected to each other.

Wabtec locomotive Brake Valve

26 C Brake Valve

Provides air brake control of the locomotive and the train

  • Controls brake pipe pressure to activate the control valves on each car and locomotive in the train to apply or release train brakes
  • Usually assembled with the Independent Brake Valve to provide better train control

Wabtec Control Valve for Locomotives

26-F Control Valve

  • Responds to changes in brake pipe pressure to provide a locomotive brake application on one locomotive
  • Includes a quick release valve to provide actuate or bail-off of train brakes

Wabtec Compressors for Locomotives

2CD™ Compressor

  • Temperature Management System (TMS) to control internal temperature
  • Pulley, shaft, or motor drive
  • Integral cooling fans
  • High efficiency inlet filter
  • Oil sight gage/Oil pressure indicator
  • Rated for continuous or start/stop operation
  • Rated speed: 1000 RPM
  • Rated pressure: 140 psi
  • Displacement at rated speed: 153.5 CFM
  • 40 HP at rated speed and pressure

Wabtec locomotive Cylinder Air Cooled Compressor

3 Cylinder Air Cooled Compressor (3CD™)

Offering a complete line of air-cooled, water-cooled, and rotary compressors, Wabtec provides original equipment and can rebuild main line reciprocating compressors.

  • Pulley shaft or motor drive
  • Single or dual speed motor drive
  • Various motor voltages available
  • Stainless steel braided unloader tubing
  • Rated for continuous or start/stop operation
  • Stand alone or palletized
  • 1100 RPM rated speed; 140 psi rated pressure
  • Displacement at rated speed: 247.5 CFM
  • 60 HP at rated speed and pressure

3 Cylinder Water Cooled Compressor

  • Directly interchangeable with WLN/WBO type compressors
  • Various crankshaft centerline heights available
  • Available as either shaft or motor drive
  • Oil sight gage or dipstick available
  • Double pass and plate style intercooler available
  • Wabtec safety valve and breather
  • Rated for continuous or start/stop operation
  • Rated speed: 1050 RP
  • Rated pressure: 140 psi
  • Displacement at rated speed 296 CFM
  • 68 HP at rated speed and pressure

Wabtec Corporation locomotive Brake Valve

30 A-CDW Brake Valve

Desktop mounted air brake control of the locomotive and the train in conjunction with 30-CW module

  • Controls brake pipe pressure to activate the control valves on each car and locomotive in the train to apply or release train brakes
  • Usually assembled with the Independent Brake Valve to provide better train control

Wabtec Corp 3rd Rail Current Collector

3rd Rail Current Collector

3rd Rail Current Collector
3rd rail current collectors are used for the power supply of underground and urban railways. The raising to the respective conductor rail is carried out according to the customer specification via simple gravity systems to remotely controlled systems with impulse or continuous air.
The maximum vehicle speed with third rail shoegears is approx. 120 km/h. Application and lowering takes place manually or remotely controlled, i.e. by means of mechanical or pneumatic systems. Contact to the conductor rail is implemented via the following technologies:

 Pneumatic systems are powered by compressed air. The deployment and retraction to the conductor rail and attachment of the current collector is controlled or initiated centrally from the driver’s cabin. Inductive or mechanical proximity switches are used for detecting the shoe position. Pneumatic systems can also be actuated with insulated hand levers using the emergency function.
Mechanical systems are operated manually. The deployment and retraction of the current collector to the rail conductor is done individually – with the help of an insulated hand lever.

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End of Train Device

Wabtec Locomotive Cylinder Air Cooled Compressor Exhauster

6 Cylinder/4 Cylinder Air Cooled Compressor Exhauster

  • Combination compressor exhauster:

    - 2 or 3 compression cylinders
    - 2, 3 or 4 exhauster cylinders

  • Oil sight gauge
  • Oil pressure indicator
  • Optional oil cooler kit
  • Rated for continuous operation

Wabtec Corporation D77 Terminal Lug

8133497-FCW D77 Terminal Lug

  • FAI with existing customers approved, and parts in service
  • COMING SOON:  Ability to order as complete “Kits” (6 Lugs)
  • In stock and available for immediate delivery


Wabtec Corp Locomotive A-1 Charging Cut-off Pilot Valve

A-1 Charging Cut-off Pilot Valve

Responds to a train break-in-two or emergency brake from the locomotive to initiate:

  • Brake pipe charging cut-off
  • Automatic Sanding
  • Power Cut-off
  • Dynamic Cut-off

AAR Approved Couplers

AAR Approved Couplers

AAR M201/M215 approved couplers are always in stock. Complete fits available (knuckle, thrower, lock lift, lock, C-10 pin). FOB Hammond, IN and Pittsburgh, PA. Direct container deliveries to high-usage points as well as to car builders eliminates freight from the supply chain equation. No material surcharges.
Current models in stock:

  • SBE60DE
  • SE60DE
  • E60DE
  • SBE67CE
  • SBE68CE
  • E69CE
  • SBE69BE
  • E4881AE
  • EF511WE
  • F70DE
  • SF70DE

Workhorse Rail Knuckles

AAR Approved Knuckles

Current models in stock:

  • E50AE
  • F51AE
  • SE50


  • AAR approved knuckles
  • Shipped in 12 or 24 per pallet
  • Direct shipment containers are available (eliminates freight)
  • No material surcharges
  • E50AE AAR M-216 Fatigue Test Approved
  • 100% wet mag inspected
  • 100% hardness tested
  • 100% fit up and operated

Sancsast Acicular Iron

Acicular Iron

Acicular Iron This rigid, high-strength, wear-resistant material is used in high-wear abrasive-resistant applications. 

  • BHN Range 302-401

Others available by request

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Adjustable Stagger Pan Head

Adjustable Stagger Pan Head

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Air Hose Support Cable

Air Hose Support Cable

Air Hose Support Cable (AH22). AAR S-4006 approved. Over 500,000 in service. Quick use carabiner clips make install easy.