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Wabtec westinghouse air brake tech locomotive products Isolation Amplifier

Isolation Amplifier

A rugged, solid-state device which allows single speed inputs to drive separate electronic, instruments without crosstalk or interference. Impact and water resistant, this product is designed to stand up to the tough railroad environment. Compatible with both passive and active axle alternators, our amplifier removes speed signal distortion and reduces axle alternator loading. Options include four inputs and four outputs with fan-out configurations of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4.

Wabtec locomotive transit product J-1 Relay Valve

J-1 Relay Valve

Receives a signal from the control valve or independent brake valve to allow main reservoir air to the brake cylinders to provide a brake application.

Wabtec Locomotive transit Products Jacket-Water Radiators

Jacket-Water Radiators

Young Touchstone’s Flat-Round® Mechanical Bond Radiator cores are your best choice for long service life and eliminating downtime. Young Touchstone begins construction with heavy copper fins; which resist damage and maintain consistent heat transfer. Flat, heavy wall, seamless brass tubes are used for proven reliability. Tubes are soldered to the fins to provide maximum performance. The tube ends are mechanically brought to a perfectly round shape then bonded to a heavy-duty steel header plate with Young Touchstone’s Mechanical Bond process. Young Touchstone’s unique bolted, deflection free side rails with patented expansion joints are added for strength and rigidity.
Replacement Cores are available as:

  • Single Length 6 Row - Part Number 01788 Replaces EMD - Part Numbers 3129131, 8206685, 8490482,92526642
  • Double Length 6 Row - Part Number 02190 Replaces EMD - Part Numbers 9504784, 9583760, 40017115
  • Triple Length 6 Row - Part Number 02192 Replaces EMD - Part Numbers 3010256, 3027016, 3036850, 8356205, 8462344, 8366731, 8389388, 9315655
  • Also Available in 8 Row and 4 Row Configurations


  • Built to last the life of the locomotive
  • Tubes are mechanically bonded into headers
  • Heavy duty fin construction, 10 fins per inch
  • Precision tooled headers
  • Unique bolted deflection free side expansion joint

Wabtec westinghouse air brake tech locomotive products Lavatory Module

Lavatory Module

  • Complete water & waste system solution within a lavatory enclosure for easy integration in the locomotive cab. 
  • Lavatory enclosure is made from FRP material compliant with FRA regulations
  • Turnkey solution for your water and waste in a locomotive cab
  • Easy integration in to the locomotive cab
  • Clear interface points minimizes your water waste integration engineering hours

westinghouse air brake tech E42AE Lock - Coupler Systems


E42AE Lock
Full coupler components always in stock:

  • E30
  • E24B
  • E42
  • E42AE
  • E6A
  • F31A
  • F400AE
  • F41AE
  • F45AE

westinghouse air brake tech Lock Lifter

Lock Lifter

E24B Lock Lifter
Full coupler components always in stock:

  • E30
  • E24B
  • E42
  • E42AE
  • E6A
  • F31A
  • F400AE
  • F41AE
  • F45AE

westinghouse air brake tech Wabtec  Locomotive Air Compressor Parts

Locomotive Air Compressor Parts

Combining a long history of compressor remanufacturing from Triangle Engineered Products, the design and development experience of OEM compressor manufacturing through Wabtec Locomotive Products and the North American network of Wabtec Global Services’ repair centers, Wabtec offers a complete line of compressor parts, including kits.

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Locomotive Brakes

Locomotive Brakes  JZ-7/JZ-7C

westinghouse air brake tech Locomotive Brush Holders

Wabtec Products Locomotive Cab Radio, Tri-Mode

Locomotive Cab Radio, Tri-Mode

Wabtec offers a narrowband (12.5KHz) and ultra narrowband (6.25KHz) AAR compliant Locomotive Cab Radio.

  • Meets FCC and AAR requirements for wide and narrowband channels
  • Meets future requirements for ultra narrowband (6.25KHz) using NXDNTM standard
  • Drop-in replacement for existing AAR clean cab radios, will fit in standard AAR clean cab radio rack
  • New Wabtec proprietary designed parts with same look and feel as existing clean cab radio
  • Backlit buttons can be operated with gloved hands
  • Tested to AAR Standard S5702
  • 512 available channels
  • Bright 40 character display with customizable text labels for home channel names
  • DTMF and single tone controls
  • Dispatch channel control
  • Squelch control
  • Manual / auto dimming feature
  • Stun feature for over-the-air disabling of radio transmitter

Wabtec Products Locomotive Cooling Solutions

Locomotive Cooling Solutions

Performance proven solutions in locomotive cooling systems.
Flat Round Mechanical Bond Technology
CuproBraze Technology

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Locomotive Data Recording System - Video (LDRS V)

Locomotive Data Recording System - Video

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Locomotive Data Recording System (LDRS)

Locomotive Data Recording System (LDRS)

Wabtec Locomotive Modules and Modernization Kits

Locomotive Modules and Modernization Kits

MotivePower, Inc. (MPI), offers a variety of locomotive equipment modules and modernization kits. Updates including fully equipped FRA Crash Worthy Cabs, High Voltage cabinets, AC cabinets, operator control consoles and HEP skids are available for a wide range of switching and road application locomotives.
MPI also offers MPXpress® modernization kits to upgrade lighting, reliability, braking, remote diagnostics, emissions and reduce operating noise.

Wabtec Corporation Products Locomotives


  • Design
  • New Build
  • Re-power
  • Life Extension
  • Overhaul
  • Upgrade
  • Re-livery
  • Heavy Maintenance

Wabtec Locomotive LocoTemp Fan Controller System

LocoTemp Fan Controller System

  • LocoTemp (fan controller), Power/Interface Cable, Temperature Probe
  • Wabtec supports new builds and repairs

Wabtec Locomotive Freight Products Brake Shoes and Pads

Low Friction Brake Shoes and Pads

Locomotive & Freight
V543 - 12" Flanged Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoe
V551 - 14" Offset Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoe
V552 - 16" Flanged Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoe
V553 - 14" Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoe
V555 - 18" Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoe
V556 - 18" Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoe
V571 - 14" Offset Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoe
V572 - 16" Flanged Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoe
V573 - 14" Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoe - Without Inserts
V575 - 18" Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoe - Without Inserts
V527 - 1 1/2" Low Friction Freight Brake Shoes

Wabtec Locomotive Transit Products Low-Friction Brake Shoes

Low-Friction Brake Shoes

  • No conversion costs - Low Friction Locomotive Brake Shoes are a direct replacement for cast iron brake shoes
  • Longer Wheel Life - Insert conditions the tread and removes minor damage to wheels
  • Lighter in weight than cast iron brake shoes
  • Color coded to indicate they are Low Friction Brake Shoes
  • Painted yellow and shipped in yellow containers

Wabtec industrial transit locomotive products Magnet Wire

Magnet Wire

Swiger Coil maintains an inventory of more than 250,000 lbs of copper magnet wire at any given time. There is a minimum buy of 10 lbs or $100, and we can often have your wire out the door the same day it's ordered. For inquiries please send in a "Contact Us" form with your company's information.  See our full wire list.

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Measurement Pantograph

Measurement Pantograph