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wabtec westinghouse air brake - 1.5" Hi Cap Freight TREADGUARD® Freight Brake Shoe

V672 - 1.5" Hi Cap Freight TREADGUARD® Freight Brake Shoe - "Day One"

V672 - 1.5" Hi Cap Freight TREADGUARD® Freight Brake Shoe - "Day One"
Length = 12"
Width = 3.38"
Thickness = 1.5"
Pallet Quantity 224 pcs. - Weight 1568 lbs.

wabtec westinghouse air brake  - 2" Hi Cap TREADGUARD® Freight Brake Shoes

V674 - 2" Hi Cap TREADGUARD® Freight Brake Shoe - "Day One"

V674 - 2" Hi Cap TREADGUARD® Freight Brake Shoe - "Day One"
Length = 12"
Width = 3.38"
Thickness = 2"
Pallet Quantity  192 pcs. - Weight  1568 lbs.

wabtec westinghouse air brake  Locomotive Train products Vaporid™ Air Dryer

Vaporid™ Air Dryer

  • Provides an effective, reliable method to remove water, oil, aerosols, and line debris from train-line air
  • Clean, dry air is essential to achieve long life for air brake systems and all related pneumatic equipment onlocomotives and cars
  • Twin tower design provides continuous drying
  • Borosilicate coalescing filter reduces debris and oil aerosols (that can clog the desiccant) for increased dryer life
  • Pre-measured easy-change desiccant bags mean less downtime
  • Potted sealed solid state electronics are weather resistant for reliable operation
  • Electronics Control Package is equipped with a memory function, allowing the dryer to operate when thecompressor is loaded thereby conserving air
  • Electrical options include 24, 37.5, 74, and 110 VDC, with other voltages available
  • Humidity indicators are located on both towers to ensure that each is functioning properly
  • Thermostatically controlled high power heaters for drain and purge valves are standard equipment to guardagainst freeze-ups
  • Max flow rate of 236 SCFM with adjustments for specific flow rates available
  • Compact size: 24" H x 13.75", W x 15.5" D
  • Light weight: 92.5 lbs.


Variopanto® - Single-arm pantograph for cross-border rail traffic

Variopanto® - Single-arm pantograph for cross-border rail traffic
Electrically powered rail cars such as locomotives, EMUs and other vehicles are increasingly used in international border traffic. But as power supply conditions and overhead contact systems differ from one country to the next, each system requires the construction of an individual pantograph system.

  • The Variopanto® replaces two traditional pantographs
  • Adjustable collector head width for different overhead contact profiles
  • Reduction of weight and installation space
  • Space optimization in the cabin (e.g. additional seats)
  • Life cycle cost optimization
  • Reduction of noise

In answer to this challenge we have develope the Variopanto. Its collector head can extend to fit wide overhead contact profiles and retract to match narrow ones. The flexible collector head alignment can adjust to overhead profiles between 1950 mm and 1450 mm in width. Not only the profiles are mechanically aligned, the contact strip section of the moveable end horns is also monitored by a pneumatic ADD (Automatic Dropping Device) and the width of the contact strip adjusts according to the requirements. The collector head is aligned by mean of a pneumatic positioning device, which is operated with the already existing compressed air.
Technical Specification
Design: Single-arm Pantograph
Type: Variopanto® (Typ = Panto300.00)
Nominal speed: 200 km/h
Design speed: 275 km/h
Nominal system voltage: 15 kV (max. 25 kV)
Variopanto® with adjustable collector head width
The Variopanto replaces two traditional pantographs and the normally required circuit breaker as well as other connecting and fastening elements. This saves more than 50% weight and installation space. Depending on the train concept, additional seating space can be gained. At the same time, the optimized constructive design results in lower noise emissions. It also cuts down the cost of maintenance and, consequently, reduces life cycle costs (LCC).
For more information please have a look on our website:
or have a look on our animation on youtube.

westinghouse air brake technologies corporation company Vertical Wear Liner

Vertical Wear Liner

Stainless Steel Vertical Wear Liner. Seven (7) sizes available. Meets AAR S-306 Standards.

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Video Trax LNVR

Video Trax Locomotive Network Video Recorder

Wabtec Locomotive VideoTrax™ Digital Recorder System

VideoTrax™ Digital Recorder System

The VideoTrax™ Digital Video Recorder system provides digital video and audio information for accident investigations.

  • Integrates with existing Wabtec Solid State Event Recorders for a complete picture onboard the locomotive
  • Easy-to-use data analysis and playback tools
  • GPS support for location and time synchronization
  • Ethernet communications for remote access and configuration
  • Supports up to four cameras
  • Multiple audio options
  • Multiple hard drive configuration options
  • Supports NTSC and PAL standards
  • Complete installation and support services

wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive train VX Vent Valve

VX Vent Valve

  • Enhanced venting capacity results in increased emergency transmission speeds at lower brake pipe pressures
  • Self purging exhaust valve and improved corrosion resistant design promotes more reliable operation long term

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Water Mist

Water Mist

Water Mist type fire extinguisher system with safety integrity level of up to 2 (SIL-2). WM is a system suitable for protection of passenger areas on rolling stock and has been designed in compliance with pertinent requirements, including ARGE Guideline and Tested and certified UNI 11565-2014 (UNIFER U94.02.057.0).

wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive products Water Pumps

Water Pumps

Triangle Engineered Products specializes in the manufacture and remanufacture of locomotive water pumps.

  • New water pumps
  • Replacement components for EMD pump applications
  • Remanufactured water pumps that feature computer balanced shaft and impeller assemblies

westinghouse air brake technologies corporation company Wear Plate

Wear Plate

Stainless Steel Bolster Pocket Wear Plate. TTX approved.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Train Locomotive Products Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

  • For cab windows, doors, and number boards
  • Prevents moisture and air from entering the locomotive
  • Made from EPDM material for long-term use
  • A full range of in-line sections for body panel thickness 1/16" to 3/4", glass thickness 1/16" to 3/4"
  • A full range of off-line sections for body panel thickness 1/16" to 1?4", glass thickness 3/16" to 9/16"
  • Self lock and separate lock applications