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Wabtec locomotive products  Cab Handle Unit Display

FastBrake® Cab Handle Unit - Standalone "26" Style with Display

Wabtec’s braking systems use of state-of-the-art microcomputer technology. It provides the logic for electro-pneumatic operators to control the compressed air generated from the locomotive main reservoirs. The equipment includes an electronic cab control unit, available in the desk-style and standalone consoles shown here. A micro-computer is programmed to issue and interpret commands from both the cab controller and pneumatic control units. The pneumatic interface unit and optional cab display unit are designed to provide feedback information to the engineer during equipment operation. The enhanced diagnostics built into the unit greatly reduce locomotive downtime during testing and troubleshooting.
Standalone "26" Style with Display

  • Magneto resistive, non-contacting position sensor technology
  • Desktop or side mount handle options compatible with all design configurations

Wabtec Locomotive Products FastBrake Electronic Air Brake

FastBrake™ Electronic Air Brake

Wabtec's FastBrake® Electronic Air Brake is a microprocessor-based electro-pneumatic braking system providing means for control of the train air brakes in locomotive applications. FastBrake® is made up of two major components: the Pneumatic Operating Unit (POU) and the Handle Controller Unit (HCU).
The POU Consists of Four Major Portions

  • Brake Pipe Control Portion (BP)
  • Brake Cylinder Control Portion (BCP)
  • Independent Application and Release Portion (IAR)
  • Power Supply Portion

Features / Benefits:

  • FastBrake® has been developed to include advanced diagnostics to provide railroad personnel with step-by-step troubleshooting capabilities and recommended actions
  • FastBrake® can be integrated with Distributed Power (DP) and Electronically-Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) braking applications
  • FastBrake® design configurations can support both one pipe or two pipe locomotive pneumatic interconnection as well as single or dual cab control
  • Designed for superior reliability including tightly integrated electronics and pneumatics, redundant electronics, dual channel power supply, and reduced part count
  • Maintain ability including fewer replaceable modules, advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities as well as integrated fault retrieval
  • Distributed processing among portions
  • OEM integrated or separate displays
  • Industry standard communication-controller Area Network (CAN)
  • Service proven, core pneumatic technology from 26L and EPIC®
  • Easily accessible pneumatic test points
  • Pneumatic backup

POU Specifications:

  • Pneumatic Operating Unit (POU)
  • Size: 36 in W x 23 in H x 23 in D, weight 295 lbs.
  • Primary Replaceable Modules: 4
  • Supply Voltage: Nominal 74 or 110 VDC
  • Power Usage: 1 Amp @ Nominal 74 VDC

Uncoupling System Ferrule


Uncoupling System Ferrule (WR806)

Y44 Follower Block

Follower Block

Y44 Follower Block

Follower Block

Follower Block

Y46 Follower Block

Frame Key

Frame Key

Side Frame Key. Field application use. Always in stock.

Frame Key

Frame Key

Side Frame Key. Shop safety use only. Aways in stock.

westinghouse air brake tech Front Draft Lug

Front Draft Lug

Draft Systems - Front Draft Lug

Wabtec Co Frost® Ground Contacts

Frost® Ground Contacts

The mechanical structure of our Frost® Ground Contacts meet effective national and international standards and directives. Material pairing is consistently optimized.
The design resp. working direction of the carbon brush is distinguished between axial and radial active contact system. Conventional round brush designs have been replaced by multiple brush designs in the area of standard applications. The reasons for this are, among others, the increased possible power transmission and in part, the simpler make-up of the contacts.  We have consistently continued to develop the successful path to multiple brush contacts and in the process, devised the successful frost® pressure system.
For more information please view our website:  http://stemmann.com/en/products/frost_ground_contacts

westinghouse air brake technologies company Fuel Oil Pre-Heater

Fuel Oil Pre-Heater

  • Replaces EMD 9517269
  • Shell & tube styles
  • Brass tubes, headers, shell and end hubs
  • Cast iron end bonnets
  • Brass baffles
  • Steel mounting brackets
  • Non-asbestos nitrile rubber cellulose fiber

westinghouse air brake tech Locomotive Products FuelLink


  • Utilizes solid-state electronics and advanced pneumatics to determine locomotive fuel levels
  • Accurate to +/- one percent
  • Provides automatic fuel tank configuration while adding dynamic tag capabilities for the transfer of fuel level and other useful management information to wayside readers for collection
  • Internal diagnostics and use of the "bubble method" for calculating the fuel level increase the reliability and accuracy of the system
  • Fuel level can be integrated into locomotive builders' displays, and stand-alone displays are available for internal/external mounting

westinghouse air brake tech products Gaskets & Seals

Gaskets & Seals

  • Economical OEM replacement gaskets and seals for EMD, GE, & Alcoengines
  • Premium OEM enhancements cut from proprietary materials such as Swellex™, which swells to a controlled maximum 30% of its original thickness to eliminate leak paths and Durogard™ seals to eliminate problems associated with cracked and hardened traditional sealing products
  • Also offering the Vector Oil Retention System to deflect oil back to the oil sump, inhibiting deck cover leaks

wabtec westinghouse air brake Gauge Complexes

Gauge Complexes

793 & 794 Series 4 1/2" Duplex Air Gauges are available on integral mounting brackets. The gauges are designed with high quality bronze bourdon tubes and precision phosphor bronze movements for optimum performance and reliability. Black or green dials with white numerals (0-160 and 0-200 PSI scale) are standard. Other scales, i.e. BAR, Kg/Cm2, Kilo Pascal scales are available upon request to measure a variety of air pressures, i.e. MR, BP , BC and MRE.

westinghouse air brake technologies company GE Power Assembly

GE Power Assembly

The Vista Corporation has remanufactured over 4000 GE Power Assemblies. All Power Assemblies are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt to manufacturer or customers specifications. All parts that are found to be defective are replaced with requailfied or new parts. We stand by our reputation for quality and service.

westinghouse air brake tech GE Type B, CO, CD Holders

GE Type B, CO, CD Holders

GE Type B, CO, CD Holders

westinghouse air brake technologies company GE Water Pump

Wabtec Locomotive products Gear Drive Pump

Gear Drive Pump / Spin-On Oil Filter

  • Integral Gear Pump Drive and Spin on Oil Filter OEM upgrade from current plunger oil pump and mechanical strainer
  • External Spin-On Oil Filter promotes compressor maintenance and decreases maintenance time
  • Available on new compressor series

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Gearbox Ground Contacts

Gearbox Ground Contacts

westinghouse air brake technologies company Governor


Vista offers repair and overhaul services for Woodward governors used on Diesel Engines. Where possible, we will provide exchange units to increase efficiency and decrease down time. We have an excellent reputation for quality and service with a strong employee commitment to maintain that reputation.

westinghouse air brake tech SanCast Gray Iron

Gray Iron

Gray Iron Used for fittings, brake drums, pump housings, valve bodies, and decorative castings.

  • Class 25
  • Class 30
  • Class 35
  • Class 40

Others available by request