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Wabtec Transit Car Locomotive Products Ground Contact

Ground Contact

Current bypass earthing device on rotating axle in train bogie

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Ground Contacts

Ground Contacts

Wabtec Corp Locomotive Products H-5 Relayair Valve

H-5 Relay Air Valve

  • A pneumatic, double piloted, three way valve that changes the air passages through it when air pressure of a predetermined amount or more is in the control chamber
  • Used in various ways including to control a large flow of air piloted by a small amount of control air, an interlock to control flow of air in one circuit by placing its control in another independent air circuit, as a sequence valve for timing, cycling, etc.
  • Not interchangeable with an HB Relay Air Valve

Wabtec locomotive products Hall Effect Sensors

Hall Effect Sensors

The Mors Smitt transducers are used to measure high currents in rolling stock and track-side applications. High currents are converted lineair to low power signals.

wabtec locomotive Handicap Cabins

Handicap Cabins

  • Hard surface GRP sandwich floor (various designs)
  • Hardboard walls
  • Corrosion-proof stainless steel interior
  • MVB communication
  • Automatic door handling
  • Baby changing table
  • 100% suited for disabled persons

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High Speed Pantograph

High Speed Pantograph

wabtec locomotive Highend Cabins

Highend Cabins

  • Hard surface GRP sandwich floor (various designs)
  • Hardboard walls
  • Corrosion-proof stainless steel interior
  • MVB communication
  • IR water tap

westinghouse air brake technologies corp company Passenger Locomotive

HSP46 High Horsepower Passenger Locomotive

MotivePower Inc. (MPI), a Wabtec company, introduced its HSP46 locomotive. In a partnership with GE, MPI built this Tier 3 AC propulsion, high horsepower locomotive for MBTA featuring state-of-the-art GE propulsion technology. MPI has the expertise and versatility to accommodate your entire commuter locomotive needs. With a proven track record and broad expert technical density, we work closely with our customers to provide long-term solutions to achieve the highest levels of safety, performance, operating efficiency and reliability.

wabtec locomotive HX200 Sinter pad

HX200 Sintered Pad HX200

UIC interface sintered brake pads, conforms to TBT 3005 standards. Applied in Generator car in Tibetline UIC

wabtec locomotive Organic Brake Shoe HXY-2180

HXY-2180 Organic Brake Shoe HXY-2180

Organic brake shoe. Conforms to TBT 3196 standard. Applied in Beijing metro line 4.

wabtec locomotive Organic Brake Shoe HXY-2180T

HXY-2180T Organic Brake Shoe HXY-2180T

Organic brake shoe. Conforms to TBT 3196 standard. Applied in Tianjin metro line 2,3

wabtec locomotive Organic Brake Shoe HXY-4G

HXY-4G Organic Brake Shoe HXY-4G

Organic brake shoe. Conforms to AAR RP599 and TBT 3005 Standards. Applied in Chinese HXN5 diesel locomotive.

wabtec locomotive Organic Brake Shoe HXY-4G(D)

HXY-4G(D) Organic Brake Shoe HXY-4G(D)

Organic brake shoe. Conforms to AAR RP-599 standards. Applied in Chinese HXN3 diesel locomotive.

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HXY-V183G Organic Brake Shoe HXY-V183G

Organic brake shoe. Conforms to AAR RP-599 standards. Applied in Chinese ND5 diesel locomotive.

Wabtec locomotive products ICE Equipment

ICE Equipment

  • Offering the Rockwell Train Power Supply
  • Wabtec supports ICE equipment repairs

Wabtec Corporation Locomotive products Icebox


  • Through floor drain to prevent puddles
  • Stainless steel interiors for easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty hinges for dependable operation
  • Closed cell sponge rubber door seals for better performance
  • Bolts to floor for great stability
  • Designed specifically for railroad applications

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Products I-ETMS® Display

I-ETMS® Display

  • Displays Train Location, Track Features, Restrictions, Work Zones
  • Enhances Situational Awareness
  • Crew Entry of Credentials
  • Dual Displays Available to Support Additional Crew with Duties in Cab

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC transit products I-ETMS™


Wabtec Railway Electronics designs and manufactures electronic and electro-pneumatic train control systems for the railway industry.
Integrates new technology with existing train control and operating systems to enhance train operation and safety

  • Prevents track authority violations, speed limit violations, unauthorized entry into work zones, and train movement through a switch left in the wrong position, all of which reduce the potential for train accidents
  • With I-ETMS®, the crew remains in control of the train. The system monitors and ensures the crew’s compliance with all operating instructions, while the I-ETMS® display screen provides the train crew a wealth of operating information
  • As the train moves down the track, the I-ETMS® on-board computer, with the aid of an on-board geographic database and global positioning system, continuously calculates warning and braking curves based on all relevant train and track information including speed, location, movement authority, speed restrictions, work zones, and consist restrictions
  • I-ETMS® also communicates with wayside devices checking for broken rails, proper switch alignment and signal aspects
  • All information is combined and analyzed in real time to provide a “safety-net” for improved train operation

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company IFDS-R


IFDS-R is an innovative system for fire detection and fire suppression activation for railway applications (rail and metro) and tunnel systems; the IR sensor analysis with infrared cameras is a technology that doesn’t measure temperature, but discovers energy in infrared band. IFDS-R offers several advantages against traditional systems: very fast detection, capability to recognize false threats, capability to localize the exact fire position, simple maintenance and installation.

Wabtec Locomotive westinghouse air brake tech Integral Aftercooler

Integral Aftercooler

  • Efficient, cost effective, maintenance-free way to precipitate moisture from compressed air braking systems
  • Reduces the need for cooling piping or tubing between the discharge and the first main reservoir