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wabtec westinghouse air brake Repairs Services ASME Code Certified Welders

ASME Code Certified Welders

Whether manufacturing new or replacement coolers, repairs and reconditioning, Unifin uses only ASME Code Certified welders. This includes both ferrous and non-ferrous materials as applies to:

  • MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Stick Welding
  • Brazing

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Cleaning and Diagnostic Service

Corrosion and the hindrance of heat transfer caused by fouling in heat exchangers are the main reasons for an increase in energy, operating and maintenance costs of a generator. That’s why coolers must be inspected, cleaned and tested on a regular basis. Our standard cleaning and diagnostic service includes a hydrostatic test of the coolers in the received condition (to identify any leaks), a general steam cleaning, replacement gaskets when applicable, and a written initial and final test report.  Regardless of initial test results, the water/headers are removed for evaluation. At that point Unifin issues a set of recommendations and work scope.

westinghouse air brake technologies corporation company Cooling Solutions

Cooling Solutions

Unifin....your Cooling Solution provider!
Our team of knowledgeable and skilled sales, Engineering, Design and manufacturing teams can devise your custom cooling needs. 
By evaluating thermal requirements and physical layout contraints, Unifin can develop a concise and efficient cooling system utilizing state of the art thermal and CAD programs.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Designs Testing Consulting Engineering Services

Engineering Services

TransTech's team of engineers works to innovate and streamline products with decades of performance reliability.  They are available for consultation, design, and testing services.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Engineering Services Gerken Group

Engineering Services

The Gerken group specializes in the design and manufacture of graphite components. Gerken invests continuously in the development of new products to meet the expectations of different markets. We have set up teams and material resources dedicated to the design, design, development and validation of innovations.
In addition, we have set up research and development facilities at the Gerken sites in Belgium and Gerken SAS in France. Gerken SAS has a design office able to answer all the demands of its customers in the railway, industrial and wind sectors, as well as a test center allowing us to reproduce the often extreme conditions of use Devices and components.
Our development tools:

  • SolidWorks®: 3D Design and Construction
  • Software SolidWorks® Simulation Premium
  • AutoCAD®: 2D Drawing Software

We offer:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Project Management (AMDEC, RAMS Studies, Maintenance Manuals)
  • Optimization: standard parts / quantities / budgets and costs

wabtec westinghouse air brake Thermal Transfer Corporation Field Services

Field Services

Thermal Transfer Corporation offers the following field services for our equipment:

  • Installation supervision
  • Start-up supervision
  • Operating and maintenance training
  • Equipment inspection

The costs associated with these field services are in accordance with Thermal Transfer Corporation's standard field rates. Please contact us for a copy of our field rate schedule.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Heat Recovery Equipment Repairs

Heat Recovery Equipment Repairs

Many of Thermal Transfer Corporation's products are repaired or rebuilt in our manufacturing facility. TTC also repairs and rebuilds units originally supplied by its competitors. The cost associated with most of our repairs is typically a fraction of the cost of a new unit.
Reasons to have Thermal Transfer perform your repair work include:

  • Same warranty as new unit for repair work
  • Pressure test performed (if required)
  • Fast turnaround provided
  • Materials in accordance with original specifications
  • Upgrades included improve longevity in service
  • New refractory installed (as required)
  • Redesign available to increase heating surface

wabtec westinghouse air brake Iron castings

Iron Castings

SanCasT produces high-quality castings in weights ranging from one to 120 pounds on our Hunter® 20 X 26 and BP® 20 X 26 molding machines in the following irons: 

  • Class 25 and Class 30 Gray Iron
  • Acicular Gray Iron
  • Ferritic Ductile Iron
  • Pearlitic Ductile Iron

wabtec westinghouse air brake power generation cooler Replacements Servicing


When cooler conditions are more serious, with plugged / corroded tubes, degraded tubesheets and/or waterboxes, the recommended corrective action is cooler replacement. Unifin can provide brand new in-kind replacements designed to be physically interchangeable in form, fit and thermal function with the originals. And because we often have the original design drawings for existing coolers, we can do this sight unseen – saving you the time and expense of sending us the originals ahead of time for estimating purposes.
The average age of hydrogen coolers at time of replacement is 27 years, with 35 years for air type coolers.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Research Development Gerken Group

Research and Development

Research and development is located in Gerken SA in Belgium, Gerken SAS in France, and Pantrac in Germany.  In France, we have invested in test facilities designed to replicate, as closely as possible, the extreme environmental conditions our carbon brushes can operate under in wind turbine applications.

wabtec westinghouse air brake PTC Positive Train Control service maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Our Napier overhaul service takes place in the Turbonetics factory in Moorpark, CA where we remanufacture complete turbochargers or cartridges to OEM standards. During the process, the units are stripped down and analysed by our technical experts to assess where parts may need to be replaced to achieve ‘as new’ condition. Overhauling products in this way helps to reduce your costs and maintain the highest levels of performance. We also supply a full OEM warranty, and certificate of conformity and authenticity for all remanufactured products.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Unifin Spare Part

Spare Parts

Unifin Spare Parts - For all of Unifin's heat transfer products
Here is the answer to keep things cool. Unifin maintains a large and ready inventory of spare parts for the full line of Unifin products:

  • Gaskets
  • Fans
  • Electric motors
  • Pumps
  • Valves

Unifin also supplies a wide range of customized replacement parts and sub-assemblies for generator coolers.
Whatever replacement solutions you require, simply contact us for assistance with part identification and availability.
 For more information, email Unifin_Gasket@wabtec.com or call 226-213-7255
Spare Parts Hotline: 1-519-451-0230 

wabtec westinghouse air brake train pressure hydro Testing oil coolers


All coolers manufactured or repaired by Unifin are subject to pressure (hydro) testing:

  • 1 Hour Duration
  • Test Pressure at (1.33 – 1.50) X Design Pressure
  • “Pass” = No Leaks / No Distortions
  • Pneumatic Air (vs Water) Test for Oil Coolers

Eddy Current testing is also available for tube erosion assessment.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Upgrades image 1


Vintage Spiral Fin cooler designs often contain lead-based solder, which could lead to lead carbonate contamination throughout the entire generator system, while Plate Fin designs do not. Unifin offers Spiral Fin to Plate Fin redesign replacement solutions to eliminate this potential issue while resetting your cooler life cycle. Our other upgrades also include material substitutions for improved performance.