Freight Segment: PTC, Signaling & Wayside Market

I-ETMS® (Interoperable Electronic Train Management System)

A leader in the development and deployment of on-board electronic train-control systems, Wabtec’s safety-overlay system, I-ETMS® (Interoperable Electronic Train Management System), integrates new technology with existing train control and operating systems to enhance train operation safety.
I-ETMS® helps prevent track authority violations, speed limit violations and unauthorized entry into work zones to help reduce the potential for train accidents. I‑ETMS® also queries wayside devices for broken rails, proper switch alignment and signal aspects. The information is combined and analyzed in real time to provide a “safety net” for improved train operation.  I-ETMS® can integrate with Wabtec’s train management dispatch system, TMDS®, a bilingual train control solution for all methods of operation including CTC, TWC, DTC, and PTC. Additional Wabtec offerings for Positive Train Control include installation and training, integration, field support, software maintenance, help desk, spares and repair services.

Positive Train Control

Wabtec offers a wide range of signal and track products including switch machine layouts and railgear as well as PTC engineering and design, systems integration, configuration and the highest quality signal construction services to the freight and commuter rail industry.  Highly experienced in the installation of signal and communication systems such as centralized traffic controls, automatic interlocking systems, highway rail grade crossing warning systems, communications towers, etc., Wabtec’s team ensures the highest quality construction standards are followed.   With a proven record of expertise across multi-platform technologies, Wabtec provides reliable solutions within a stringent quality framework. 

With the acquisition of Fandstan Electric Group, a leading manufacturer of energy and data transfer equipment for rail and industrial markets, Wabtec expanded its product capabilities for the wayside to include Stinger Systems to supply power to parked vehicles.


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