PTC Signaling Wayside Market Products


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Solid Conductor Rail

Solid Conductor Rail

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Stinger System

Train powering in depots

wabtec corp westinghouse air brake tech railroad Stinger System

Stinger System

Stinger System
Stinger systems serve the power supply of parked vehicles in maintenance areas, e.g. for battery charging or other maintenance work, which must be conducted under vehicle voltage. Furthermore, with our Stinger systems, the vehicles can be moved within the depot or maintenance facilities by means of a control console.  The connection terminals of our 3rd Rail Current Collectors can be used as Stinger terminals by installing an arbor.  We manufacture and install complete systems according to customer requirements including conductor lines, plug and wire connections, control systems and arbors on railway vehicles.
Stinger system components:

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Strap Droppers

Strap Droppers

wabtec westinghouse air brake Wayside Detection -  Supersite Solutions Track IQ

Supersite Solutions

Supersites are a comprehensive multi-sensor monitoring system providing a suite of component condition information across a passing vehicle. For example, a supersite can comprise Track IQ products RailBAM® and WCM plus third party products monitoring, vehicle / bogie tracking, wheel profile and brake wear. The measurement data is integrated via the FleetONETM database software product to provide a total trackside intelligence system.

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Switch Accessories

Switch Clips & Switch Rods

  • Side Jaw Clip
  • Adjustable Side Jaw Clip
  • Transit Clips

Switch Points
Heel Blocks

  • Heel Block Assemblies
  • Floating Heel Block
  • Cast Iron Heel Block Assembly
  • Welded Heel Block Assembly

Switch Braces

  • Bethleham SureFit Boltless Adjustable Brace
  • AREMA Design 224 Type A Adjustable Brace
  • Design 8-11 Adjustable Brace
  • Forged Rigid Brace Per AREMA 223
  • Switch Plates and Rigid Rail Braces

Guard Rails

  • Tee-Rail per AREMA 504
  • Hook Flange Guard Rails
     - Design 750
     - Design 751
     - Design 752
  • Switch Guard Rails
     - Model 755
     - Model 755 G
     - Model FM
  • AREMA Guard Rails Overview

Switch Point Protectors
Switch Point Derail

wabtec westinghouse air brake Positive Train Control Switch Circuit Controllers Rods Lugs

Switch Circuit Controllers, Rods, and Lugs

G&B Specialties supplies both the 856 and 956 switch circuit controllers which are equivalent to the U-5 and the 7K/J respectively. G&B also supplies all the rodding, lugs, and sockets used to connect the circuit controller to the switch points

Wabtec Positive Train Control Products Switch Machine Components

Switch Machine Components

G&B Specialties supplies a various amount of internal switch machine components which includes the internal lock rods, internal point detector bars, main cranks, operating cranks, and throw bars.

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Switch Obstruction Gauge

Switch Obstruction Gauge

G & B Switch Obstruction Gauge allows for one person to operate the switch and make the necessary circuit controller adjustments without dislodging the gage. The obstruction surfaces are machined for accuracy and finished with a zinc dichromate finish for corrosion resistance. Metric sizes are available; please contact sales for more information

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Products Switch Point Rollers

Switch Point Rollers

Due to the development of longer high-speed switches and the continued use of heavy rail sections, G&B Specialties offers a variety of switch point rollers to significantly reduce the effort required in switch point movement. By lifting the point off the gage plates as the switch is thrown, these rollers reduce the friction between the switch point and gage plates, consequently, reducing the force needed to throw the switch. Both “top of tie” and “in the crib” designs are available. These devices are easily installed on 115lb RE and heavier rail on existing or new switches and are especially advantageous when used on manual operated switches, spring switches and power operates switches.

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Switch Stand

A&K E-Z Thru

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Switch Stands

Switch Stands Model 51
Switch Stands Model 51-A
Switch Stands Model 22
Switch Stands Model 112E
Switch Stands Model 22-E
Switch Stands Model 22-EH
Switch Stand Components

  • Flat Top SSN 290
  • Forged Crank SSN 251
  • Adjustable Shim Set SSN 210
  • Cover SSN 200
  • Breakable Crank SSN 250
  • SSN 220
  • Ring SSN 994
  • Cross Pin SSN 994
  • Adjustment Bolt SSN 996
  • Adjustable Gear Segment SSN 300
  • Latch Stand SSN 230
  • Bottom SSN 295
  • Bow Handle SSN 223
  • Top Extension SSN 292
  • Throwing Lever SSN 225
  • Plug Lamp Tip SSN 270
  • Socket Lamp Tip SSN 270
  • Target Masts SSN 280
  • Targets for 51-A SSN 240
  • Connecting Rods for 51-A SSN 260
     -  Model 11AN
     -  Model 11T


Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Third Rail Current Collectors

Third Rail Current Collectors

Third rail shoegears are used for the power supply of underground and urban railways. The raising to the respective conductor rail is carried out according to the customer specification via simple gravity systems to remotely controlled systems with impulse or continuous air. The maximum vehicle speed with third rail shoegears is approx. 120 km/h. Application and lowering takes place manually or remotely controlled, i.e. by means of mechanical or pneumatic systems. Contact to the conductor rail is implemented via the following technologies: TRSG Top-Running-System TRSG Bottom-Running-System TRSG Side-Running-System Pneumatic systems are powered by compressed air. The deployment and retraction to the conductor rail and attachment of the current collector is controlled or initiated centrally from the driver’s cabin. Inductive or mechanical proximity switches are used for detecting the shoe position. Pneumatic systems can also be actuated with insulated hand levers using the emergency function. Mechanical systems are operated manually. The deployment and retraction of the current collector to the rail conductor is done individually – with the help of an insulated hand lever.

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Tie Plates

  • Double Shoulder Plates
  • Hook Twin Tie Plates
  • Turnout Pocket Plates

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  • New & Relay Ties
  • Switch Ties
  • Steel Ties
    • T-4
    • T-5
    • T-6
    • T-9
  • Landscape Ties
  • Tie Plugs

wabtec westinghouse air brake TENM™ - Train Environmental Noise Monitor

TNM™ - Train Noise Monitor

The Train Noise Monitor uses a wayside mounted camera combined with a high precision microphone to record the sound levels associated with a train passby. High noise levels can be identified and a matched image can be used to identify offending vehicles. The system uses a non-contact distance sensor to identify the presence of a train. One system can even be used to monitor multiple tracks at a location. No part of the equipment is installed within three metres of the track centre.
The system interfaces with Track IQ’s wayside database FleetONE™. A comprehensive set of statistics is available to track the performance of any train noise control programs or monitor environmental noise near residential areas.
Suitable for environmental extremes and day/night applications. The system is totally self-contained and uses a solar array for power and a 3G connection to transfer data from the site to the FleetONE™ database.

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Track Bars & Joints

  • Angle Bars
  • Joint Bars
  • Bridge Spacer Bars
  • Compromise Joint Bars
  • Insulated Joints
  • Factory Bonded Joints
  • Bridge Expansion Joints

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC products Track Shunt Enclosure

Track Shunt Enclosure

G & B’s Track Shunt Enclosure houses the shunt and is supplied in 14 gage steel with your choice of grey or safety orange powder coated finishes. It can be mounted vertically by the supplied mounting posts or mounted horizontally between the ties. A gasketed lid ensures moisture protection by creating a tight seal around its edges.

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Track Tools

  • Rail Tongs
    - Two Man Timber Tongs
    - One Man Tie Tongs
  • Claw Bars
  • Spike Pullers
  • Spike Mauls - Bell Pattern
  • Crowbars or Lining Bars
    - Pinch point
    - Diamond point
    - Wedge point
  • Rail Tong
  • Rail Forks
  • Track Wrenches - Double & Single End
  • Tool & Supply Carts
  • Cribbing Buckets
  • Rail Benders & Bender Assemblies
  • Track Jacks
  • Mechanical Track Jacks
  • No. 2 Aluminum Track Level
  • No. 3 Aluminum Track Gauge
  • No. PG-2 Steel Pipe Track Gauge