PTC Signaling Wayside Market Services


AB - General Body and Equipment Ltd (Calgary)

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
General Body and Equipment
#150, 5842-86th Avenue
Calgary, AB T2C 4L7
Phone: 403-250-2115

AB - General Body and Equipment Ltd. (Edmonton)

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
General Body and Equipment
8503 Davies Road
Edmonton, AB T6E 4N3
Phone: 780-468-5331

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AB - Red Baron Mechanical Ltd.

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
Red Baron Mechanical Ltd.
1811-19 Avenue
Wainwright, Alberta  T9W 1L2
Phone: 587-281-3175

AB - Superior Truck Equipment, Inc.

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
Superior Truck Equipment, Inc.
7530 114 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB  T2C 4T3
Phone: 403-263-9776

AB - Team Ford

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
Team Ford
3227-92 Street
Edmonton, AB T6 1C1
Phone: 780-577-2071

AL - Horn Truck Rebuilders, LLC

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
Horn Truck Rebuilders, LLC.
3210 Anton Street
Mobile, AL  36612
Phone: 251-452-5400

BC - Falcon Equipment Ltd.

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
Falcon Equipment Ltd.
18412 96 Avenue
Surrey, BC  V4N 3P8
Phone: 604-888-5066

Wabtec Bespoke Composite Moulding Manufacture Support

Bespoke Composite Moulding Manufacture

Brecknell Willis Composites manufactures high quality composite mouldings ranging from hand held Arc Shields to Train Cabs & 23 Meter Radomes.
Resin Systems:

  • Polyester: A general purpose system that can meet Fire specifications from CLASS 3 to 1.
  • Synolite 5001-T-1: For Electrical protection used for many Arc Barriers and Arc shields.
  • Phenolic: Exceptional fire, smoke and toxicity performance.
  • Vinylester: Extremely stable, perfect for tooling and moulds.


  • Chopped strand Glass Fibre mat
  • Woven Glass & Carbon Fibre Fabrics
  • Foam Core reinforcement

CO - Auto Truck Group

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
Auto Truck Group
2425 E. Platte Place
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Phone: 719-597-0400

CO - Danella Rental Systems, Inc

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
Danella Rental Systems, Inc.
14101 East Montcrieff Place
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: 303-371-7799

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Communication Services

Xorail’s System Integration & Communications Group delivers seamless integration across cutting-edge voice & data communications systems, signaling systems, grade crossings, and train control & dispatch systems. Our signaling background enables us to do more for you, from conceptual design and communications architecture, to detailed plans, procurement, project management, testing, integration, commissioning, and full documentation.

Component Repair & Remanufacturing

Component Repair & Remanufacturing

Let RELCO be your center for repairs on many locomotive components as well as remanufacturing of the same. With breadth of offerings that include complete truck and engine rebuilds/upgrades all the way to something as simple as rebuilding your air brake valves, WGS has the service to suit your needs.
Our Albia, Iowa location has experience rebuilding and repairing over 1,500 locomotive engines for OEM builders and railroads around the globe. The engines can be rebuilt to OEM standards or upgraded to meet the rigors of the EPA’s emission requirements.
This same facility has capabilities to rebuild all pumps and major components essential to the operation of your locomotive prime mover. These components can be rebuilt as part of an engine rebuild/repair or can be rebuilt individually by our highly skilled technicians.
Along with experience rebuilding engines, the Albia location has similar experience rebuilding/building trucks to customer/OEM specifications. With an AAR-certified facility, our valued rail customers can rest assured their locomotive trucks are being built to the highest quality standards for longer-term life.
With access to the broad array of Wabtec sister companies, we have the ability to rebuild heat exchangers, rotating electric (including traction motors and fan motors), brakes and brake valves, High Voltage electrical components, air compressors, etc. Wabtec can become your “one stop shop” for your locomotive component needs!

wabtec westinghouse air brake Composite Finishing Paint Assembly Servicing

Composite Finishing and Assembly Service

Brecknell Willis Composites boasts an expansive finishing workshop. 

  • In-house spray paint & bake facilities
  • "Self-coloured", Gelcoat finish mouldings

For more complex components, some assembly is required. This may involve drilling holes, adding threaded inserts or bonding other reinforcement onto the composite material.

Wabtec Repairs Composite Refurbishment Service

Composite Refurbishment Service

Due to the adaptable nature of composite materials, many components can be repaired after being damaged or worn out. Brecknell Willis Composites offers regular refurbishment and modification services to extend the lifespan of their customer's GRP products.
Refurbishment services:

  • Product modification
  • Insert replacement
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Structural Composite repairs

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Construction


Construction – Greenfield or existing sites, enabling works.
Wabtec Control Systems Pty. Ltd is a specialist rail control, signalling and communications provider and a leading provider of industrial electrical and communications solutions. Whether it’s a greenfield project, an upgrade to an existing site or the ongoing service and maintenance of critical assets we have the capability to provide a complete electrical and communications solution.
We help our customers design, build and maintain signalling, communications and power systems. We provide ourselves on our ability to provide authoritative technical support on railway infrastructure including signal engineering, train control systems interlocking, automatic signalling and level crossing protection
We also integrate specialist skills in mechanical, civil and other engineering disciplines to offer our customers turnkey design, construct and maintenance packages.
Our key capabilities include:

  • Feasibility studies and conceptual design
  • Requirements capture and systems engineering
  • Project management and project engineering
  • System design
  • Signalling design
  • Wide range of railway signalling solutions and integrated transportation systems
  • Preparation of formal signalling design and submission it to the customer
  • Producing of schematic plans, interlocking and control circuits design
  • Train control system design
  • Telecommunication system design
  • Manufacturing design
  • Onboard systems design, prototyping and installation
  • Signalling design automation
  • Information system design and support

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Construction Services

Our experienced construction teams can provide installation of your highway crossing or wayside signal project with on-site support personnel for in-service testing of equipment. Our inspectors and technicians can complete all required documentation for each unit, component, and system placed in service

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services – Type approvals for signalling equipment, competency assessment for signalling staff, mechanical points design and pneumatic systems verification.

Wabtec road rail equipment Design and Manufacture Servicing

Design and Manufacture

LH Access Technology designs and builds a wide range of road/rail equipment that meets the stringent quality and safety criteria set for the world’s rail networks.  LH Access Technology is the only UK based approved Road/Rail Unimog supplier, offering experienced personnel qualified to work on safety critical components.

Wabtec Education Support Service Locomotive Air Brake Training

Education – Air Brake Training

Wabtec offers comprehensive training seminars and material geared toward educating rail personnel on the operation and maintenance of rail equipment
Annual training classes are held at our facility in the spring and fall. Separate courses cover Locomotive and Freight Car Air Brakes. The classes are 3 1/2 days long and provide more in-depth training for people wanting a better understanding and knowledge of train brake equipment.  Each class in Wilmerding starts at 8:30 am and runs until 3:45 pm Tuesday through Thursday.  Friday’s class will start at 8:30am but will end in the morning to allow for travel. Personal protective equipment needed for the class is safety approved footwear.
Freight Air Brake Training Class:  The freight car air brake training is designed around the Single Car Test Procedure per AAR S-486. We start at basic brakes defining the reason for brakes and testing. From there we cover history of air brakes and the various components that make up a typical freight car. This includes single capacity and empty/load equipment. Once the student understands the makeup of the brake system, we cover train brakes and terminal brake testing. Thursday is spent on Single Car Testing. We define the proper test procedure and the end of the day will be spent on the written exam. Friday is spent with the automated test devices and the test procedures. We will take time to try various applications and simulations with the 150 car air brake rack. Thursday we will take time for a tour of our facility. Note, we cannot provide the final item for air test certification per FRA 232 requirements in our facility in Wilmerding. We do not have a railcar for the student to do the practical test. For those that need to be certified alternate arrangements can be made for on-site training.
Locomotive Air Brake Training Class: This class is designed for a locomotive mechanic/machinist but it is adaptable to anyone working on locomotive brake equipment. We cover basic locomotive brakes, the history of air brakes and key in on the 26 type brake equipment. In this class you will learn how to read an air brake diagrams, what the various components do and how they work together. By understanding the components the student is better equipped to troubleshoot the 26L or 30ACDW brake equipment. Classes have gone through a transformation to include the operation of electronic brakes with freight pneumatic operation. With more electronic equipped locomotives, Friday mornings are devoted specifically to EPIC and Fastbrake equipment operation.
Locomotive EPIC/Fastbrake Class: These classes are set up ONLY in response to specific customer request. The class will be tailored to the customer needs in a generic class covering EPIC 3102 or II or Fastbrake or all types of Locomotive brake equipment. It is recommended the students attend the locomotive air brake class as a prerequisite. In this class we cover basics of locomotive brakes and how the electronic brakes have evolved. The various components that make up each of these systems and how to test, calibrate, maintain and troubleshoot of each of the systems.
All 2019 Training Class Dates:
Freight Training:  March 12 - 15, April 23 - 26
Locomotive Training:  April 9 - 12, May 7 - 10
Freight & Locomotive Brake Training Publications

Wabtec Service Support Education Books Training Materials

Education - Books and Training Materials

Wabtec offers a wide variety of material geared toward educating rail personnel on the operation and maintenance of rail air brake equipment. Obtain a training catalog at for a complete listing of publications.