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Wabtec Bach-Simpson Event Recorder

1 - Event Recorder

Meets and exceeds FRA, IEEE, GM/RT and EEIG crash protection standards
Today's rail transportation industry is more dynamic and complex than ever before. Rail transport companies are rapidly adopting high-tech solutions to help manage and maintain their fleet. Event data recording is a very effective solution that has been deployed throughout the rail transportation industry. Recording vehicle data is essential to operating and maintaining safe and efficient vehicles, and providing an effective health monitoring system.
Recorded data provides vital information for accident investigations, train handling studies, fuel conservation, vehicle performance, and preventative maintenance programs.
Bach-Simpson™ Event Recorders are engineered for maximum flexibility, meeting your immediate needs while allowing for future expandability. Bach-Simpson Event Recorders are complimented with a Windows® PC software package for service personnel to download and graphically analyze data from the Event Recorder.
A typical Bach-Simpson Event Recorder system is capable of monitoring and recording discrete frequency, analog voltage, digital input signals and Train-line network communications, as well as controlled outputs and optional features to support features that include a Train Monitoring (Alerter) System for operator alertness, remote download capability, speed display, auxiliary light control, horn sequencing, and various other control and monitoring functions.
The internal Crash Hardened Memory Module (CHM) meets or exceeds the latest FRA and IEEE 1482.1 crashworthy requirements for event recorders. This Crash Hardened Memory Module protects data from the most extreme conditions; Fire, Shock, Crush and Volatile Liquids.
The Train Monitoring System (TMS) or Vigilance/Alerter can be integrated within the event recorder, to ensures operator vigilance at all times. The TMS examines the engineer's control handling actions and will automatically bring the train to a stop should the engineer become incapacitated or unable to perform normal duties.
The Auxiliary Light Control consists of 2 sets of relay contacts for independent control of the Left and Right Auxiliary Lights. The operation of the two ditch light control outputs is user programmable for the auto mode flashing trigger source (Bell, Horn or both) and flashing rate and hold period timing parameters.
The Horn Sequencer responds to a single operator’s command to an external horn control relay, for providing the appropriate horn sequence activation.
Electrical Specifications:

  • Compliant to EN50155
  • Nominal Voltages: 110VDC, 74VDC, 32VDC, 24VDC
  • Reverse polarity, over voltage and transient protected (±4,000 V @ 80j)
  • Isolated signal inputs to IEEE1482.1


  • Compliant to EN50125-1
  • IP54 with IP67 Crash Hardened Memory
  • Operating -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)

 Other Technical Data:

  • Crash Hardened Memory Module meets or exceeds FRA, IEEE, GM/RT and EEIG crash protection standards
    • Records discrete frequency, analog and digital channels. Provides multiple control outputs
    • Train network and communication compatibility (MVB, Ethernet, RS232/422/485, CAN, LonWorks)


Wabtec Compressors for Transit Cars

2CL and 4CL Oil-free Compressors

Wabtec offers 2CL and 4CL oil-free compressors that help address environmental regulations. The reciprocating, two cylinder unit has a dry aluminum crankcase. One low-pressure cylinder supplies a signle high-pressure cylinder through an intercooler mounted alongside the aftercooler. All wearing parts incorporate pre-lubricated sealed bearings and polymer rings that do not require lubrication.

3rd rail slider

High quality 3rd rail slider for Metro

Wabtec Corporation D77 Terminal Lug

8133497-FCW D77 Terminal Lug

  • FAI with existing customers approved, and parts in service
  • COMING SOON:  Ability to order as complete “Kits” (6 Lugs)


3rd rail current collector

A1 Current Collector A1™

3rd rail current collector.Applied in Brazil metro RIO line3

Sancsast Acicular Iron

Acicular Iron

Acicular Iron This rigid, high-strength, wear-resistant material is used in high-wear abrasive-resistant applications. 

  • BHN Range 302-401

Others available by request

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Adjustable Stagger Pan Head

Adjustable Stagger Pan Head

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Wabtec Air Dryer Units for Transit Cars

Air Dryer Units

The E-1A and E-1A HP Twin-Tower Air Dryer Units used in Wabtec compressors are engineered for high-duty-cycle operation.  These units provide consistently dry air with minimum post-compression air consumption.  Featuring continuous output, this dryer purges one desiccant tower, while the other tower performs the drying cycle.  Components include a spin-off, bead-type desiccant with built in prefilter, a mechanical liquid separator, an R-1 drain valve, a coalescing filter, a main reservoir check valve, an integral thermostat and heater and a control timer.

Air Reservoirs

Reservoirs with various volumes, dimensions and connections acording to EN and AAR norms. Technical characteristics are in accordance with regulations for high pressure vessels. EN norms air reservoirs are CE certified.

Wabtec Air Spring system for Transit cars

Air Spring system

Secondary Suspension

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Air/Hydraulic HP

Wabtec weight-saving HP-type Disc Brake Actuators use air pressure over hydraulic fluid for dependable braking force, improved response time and low air consumption. The hydraulic system utilizes the same design functions and features as the HP-type Tread Brake Unit.

Wabtec Transit Car Products Athena Controller

Athena Controller

Wabtec designed the Athena controller to meet demanding specifications for operational safety and long life.  Ideal for UIC or EN 15595-compliant wheel slide protection applications, Athena is designed for all passenger rail environments.  In addition to wheel slide, the modular design can also be configured for brake control and other systems where reliable computing is required.

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Auto Dropping Device

Pan carbon damage auto drop system

Wabtec Corp Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE)

Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE)

Bach-Simpson™ Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE) provides a combination of automatically sequenced and manually selected electrical signal stimulation to an electronic unit under test. The system simulates the normal and threshold operational ranges of each of the inputs and communication channels of the test unit. The BTE utilizes an electronic control system based on a PC computer mounted inside a portable metal "rack" enclosure, with a touchscreen interface to allow the user to select appropriate testing procedures.
For more information, please Contact Us

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Axle Mounted Ground Contacts

Axle Mounted Ground Contacts

Wabtec Transit Products Block Style BCRK Tread Brake Units

Block Style BCRK Tread Brake Units

These units are available as permanently fixed or floating. They feature compact and low-weight design, simplifying maintenance, reducing noise, and providing for constant brake application force. The BCRK tread brake with spring applied parking brake offers an anti-compound valve which prevents the simultaneous activation of the parking and service brakes.

Wabtec Transit Car Products Power Collet Tread Brake Units

Block Style Power Collet Tread Brake Units

The Power Collet Tread Brake Units can include integrated parking brakes that are spring applied air pressure released with a manual release feature. Other configurations include parking brakes that can be manually reapplied. Brake head configurations can include a laterally compliant option to accommodate center axle lateral movement typical on locomotives.

Becorit Modular Brake System Wabtec Products


Becorit Modular Brake System, multi-flexible solution for various applications (high speed etc.). Multiple friction element design and friction level options possible for both sintered and organic material, even combinations are possible. Designed for Recycling, on-site depot recycling, staff training for on-site depot recycling.

Wabtec transit Car Products Brake Discs

Brake Discs

Thousands of TecTran discs are currently in service.  Some of the most common disc types are:

  • Forged steel
  • Cast, ventilated monobloc
  • Cast, ventilated segmented

TecTran validates all brake disc designs using a dynamometer.