Our Values

Wabtec ValuesLegacy:
Wabtec was founded by George Westinghouse for the purpose of manufacturing products designed to improve overall rail safety and efficiency.  When you work for Wabtec, you continue that legacy, and you become an integral part of its growth and evolution.  Our products enable societies around the world to travel and transport goods safely, quickly and economically.  Our world-class solutions have fundamentally changed the industry and are constantly evolving as we adopt new and better technologies. Our focus on innovation, technology and design helps us win in the marketplace, and it also provides our people with challenging and exciting career opportunities.

At Wabtec our culture is centered on our corporate values – Safety, Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork and Leadership. The values help us focus on the things that create the most value for our customers, and they guide how we work with customers, suppliers and each other every day. We strive to hire people whose values are aligned with these to reinforce and sustain our unique culture.

Safety – Safety is paramount in our business. It’s our mission to make societies safer with our products, and it’s central to how we run our operations.

Customer Focus – All of the work we perform is done with the customer in mind. This helps us deliver high quality products and solutions, on time. We want to be our customer’s first choice and our employees to be proud of the products they deliver.

Continuous Improvement – At Wabtec we always focus on continuous improvement. We strive for perfection with our products, service, and in our operations.

Teamwork – We’re stronger together, and this means that working together drives better performance. All of our workgroups and councils require strong teamwork and partnerships to deliver on commitments. It’s how we get work done.

Leadership – Character matters to us at Wabtec. We insist on integrity, respect and accountability in our workplace, and this is foundational to our culture.

Contributions To Our Local Communities:
In addition, Wabtec contributes to the communities in which we operate.  The Wabtec Foundation provides charitable contributions to local causes and funds a scholarship program for children of eligible Wabtec employees.

Wabtec is committed to sustainability, protecting the environment and promoting health and safety, which we believe are the responsibilities of everyone in the company.  We work to minimize waste and emissions in our operations, to conserve the use of natural resources in our manufacturing and to develop products and services that reduce pollution and enhance safety for the customers and industries we serve.

Wabtec also gives back to the people who live in the communities where we operate.  For example, in the U.S., Wabtec recently developed a partnership with the Wounded Warriors organization to hire returning veterans.

Wounded Warriors