4-Port Receivers and Access Plates

Wabtec Freight Car 4-Port Receivers and Access Plates

Wabtec offers 4-Port receivers and a variety of access plates for application with the various pipe bracket mounting arrangements
The Automated Single Car Test Device helps save time:

  • Over 90% of problems are diagnosed in the first 15 min of testing
  • Average test time is approximately 27 minutes; up to 50% time savings
  • Easier failure diagnosis
  • Reduces human errors which cause "false failures" that are commonplace in manual testing
  • To provide more accurate test results, 4 pressure ports (brake pipe, brake cylinder, auxiliary reservoir and emergency reservoir) are monitored, versus monitoring brake pipe and brake cylinder only in end of car testing Offering:
  • Top 0°
  • Top 90°
  • Bottom 45°
  • Bottom 15°
  • Front
  • 4-Port Receiver with optional Brake Cylinder Read Device