Barber LifeGuard™ Wedge

Wabtec Freight Car Products Barber LifeGuard™ Wedge

Barber LifeGuard Wedges Chart
Barber Friction Wedge Interchangeability Matrix

Standard Car Truck pioneered the design of variably damped, Barber suspension systems and offers friction wedges to provide optimum damping and wear performance when used in Barber type suspensions.

  • Interchangeable with Barber Truck designs S-2-A, S-2-B, S-2-C, S-2-D, S-2-HD, and S-2-HD-9C as a replacement to the traditional single piece wedge 
  • Polymer faced wedge significantly reduces bolster pocket wear from both the slope surface and side walls to prolong pocket life
  • The highest deformation temperature of any polymer material, 350°