Bolster Pocket Wear Plates and Inserts

Wabtec Freight Car Products Bolster Pocket Wear Plates Inserts

As the originator of variably damped snubbing, Standard Car Truck’s Barber™ products have been tested, adapted and refined through decades of lab work and field experience to ensure component durability and proper damping operation to protect cars and lading.

  • Standard Car Truck offers a variety of M-976 approved snubbing options
  • On many designs wedges can be removed from pockets without special tools and without disassembly of the truck, allowing for easy replacement of wedges and column wearplates 
  • Side wall wear plates and split wedge inserts are easily replaceable, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming rewelding of pocket surfaces during reconditioning 
  • Most older trucks may be upgraded to the Barber Split Wedge System simply by adding an insert to the pocket