ZefTuf® Cold Flow Resistant - CFR Liner

wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Produts ZefTuf® Cold Flow Resistant
Wabtec Freight Car Produts ZefTuf Cold Flow Resistant

ZT-380 -  16" x 2" Center Bowl Liner
ZT-381 - 16" x 2 1/4" Center Bowl Liner
ZT-370 - 14" Center Plate Wear Protector (Horizontal Liner)
ZT-371 - 16" Center Plate Wear Protector (Horizontal Liner)
Center Bowl Liners and Center Plate Protectors

  • Available in ZefTuf CFR low friction materials
  • Designed to improve curving and lateral stability performance of truck systems
  • Integrally molded carbon ring provides consistent conductivity over the life of the liner
  • Coefficient of Friction 0.24 Static / 0.20 Dynamic
  • Meets AAR Requirements S-3004 and M-976