Central Diagnostics System

Wabtec Locomotive Products Central Diagnostics System

With MotivePower’s Central Diagnostic System (CDS) you can monitor locomotive location, health status and manage fleet diagnostics in real-time. Meeting the needs for fleets of all sizes, the CDS system can help improve on-time performance, reduce operating costs and increase revenue through improved productivity, enhanced asset tracking, proactive service management and comprehensive preventive maintenance information. 

  • Remote monitoring of vehicle health
      • Integrates with the Q-Tron locomotive control system, Head End Power (HEP) genset (where applicable) and Cab Signal system
      • Captures 80% of locomotive functions
      • Provides faults real-time to the CDS web site
  • Intuitive web site display of critical parameters such as: 
      • Prime mover and HEP operating values such as real time horse-power, fuel consumption, operating temperatures, and more
      • Battery current
      • Locomotive speed
      • HEP kW load vs. time
      • Trainline monitoring of critical multiple unit (MU) signals
      • Auto Engine Stop/Start (AESS) status
  • GPS location tracking for each locomotive
  • Optional on-site technicians available to support equipment diagnosis and data analysis
  • CDS system utilizes cellular communication or 802.11 wireless
  • Secure and reliable CDS data storage
  • Email notification to key operation personnel
  • Easy to use web interface
      • Access to basic diagnostic instructions for both maintainer and operating engineer
      • Access to locomotive schematics and manuals
  • Ability to access portable test equipment files remotely
  • Improves on-time performance