Digital Pressure Panel

Wabtec Locomotive Products Digital Pressure Panel
  • Low cost, easy to install digital duplex gauge with expansion capabilities
  • Ports in the back, allowing quick and easy calibration checks without removing the pressure display from the locomotive
  • Easy to read values for main reservoir, equalizing reservoir, brake pipe and brake cylinder
  • Low power consumption and the ability to measure pressure ranges from 0-200 psi with a resolution of 1psi
  • 100% compatible with existing control consoles, providing you the lowest possible entry cost
  • Longer calibration intervals over traditional analog displays which can reduce annual servicing man hours by over 50%
  • Displays use back-lit LCD technology to provide a high contrast indication in all lighting conditions, from bright sun light to night-time viewing
  • The retro-fit application is powered by a 74V DC via a terminal block on the back of the panel