FastBrake™ Electronic Air Brake

Wabtec Locomotive Products FastBrake Electronic Air Brake

Wabtec's FastBrake® Electronic Air Brake is a microprocessor-based electro-pneumatic braking system providing means for control of the train air brakes in locomotive applications. FastBrake® is made up of two major components: the Pneumatic Operating Unit (POU) and the Handle Controller Unit (HCU).
The POU Consists of Four Major Portions

  • Brake Pipe Control Portion (BP)
  • Brake Cylinder Control Portion (BCP)
  • Independent Application and Release Portion (IAR)
  • Power Supply Portion

Features / Benefits:

  • FastBrake® has been developed to include advanced diagnostics to provide railroad personnel with step-by-step troubleshooting capabilities and recommended actions
  • FastBrake® can be integrated with Distributed Power (DP) and Electronically-Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) braking applications
  • FastBrake® design configurations can support both one pipe or two pipe locomotive pneumatic interconnection as well as single or dual cab control
  • Designed for superior reliability including tightly integrated electronics and pneumatics, redundant electronics, dual channel power supply, and reduced part count
  • Maintain ability including fewer replaceable modules, advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities as well as integrated fault retrieval
  • Distributed processing among portions
  • OEM integrated or separate displays
  • Industry standard communication-controller Area Network (CAN)
  • Service proven, core pneumatic technology from 26L and EPIC®
  • Easily accessible pneumatic test points
  • Pneumatic backup

POU Specifications:

  • Pneumatic Operating Unit (POU)
  • Size: 36 in W x 23 in H x 23 in D, weight 295 lbs.
  • Primary Replaceable Modules: 4
  • Supply Voltage: Nominal 74 or 110 VDC
  • Power Usage: 1 Amp @ Nominal 74 VDC