COBRA® TreadGuard® Brake Shoe

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Shoes and Pad

V672 - 1.5" Hi Cap Freight TREADGUARD® Brake Shoe "Day One"
V674 - 2" Hi Cap TREADGUARD® Brake Shoe "Day One"
V606 - 18" All Weather Locomotive Brake Shoe
V626 - 14" "Day One" TREADGUARD® Locomotive Brake Shoe
The COBRA® TreadGuard® Brake Shoe has a special composition material and cast iron insert(s).
TreadGuard is a value-added brake shoe that:

  • Minimizes wheel replacement and turnings
  • Conditions and cleans the wheel tread
  • Improves rail to wheel adhesion
  • Provides longer brake shoe life

Additional TreadGuard Freight Brake Shoe Features:

  • AAR approval to M-926
  • AAR job code approval (1842 & 1843)
  • Dual faced radius and chamfered edges
  • AP design
  • Painted red for immediate identification

Additional TreadGuard Locomotive Brake Shoe Features

  • Meets AAR RP-599
  • Offset and AP configurations
  • Two inserts for optimum wheel conditioning
  • Painted red for immediate identification