Ultrasonic Fuel Monitor

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Eliminate the maintenance cost of your traditional bubbler system by switching to Wabtec Global Services ultrasonic fuel measurement solution!

  • Wabtec Global Services now offers a low cost turnkey solution to convert your bubbler fuel measuring system to an ultrasonic fuel measuring system
  • Through Wabtec Global Services' ultrasonic fuel measuring system which does not require air, you can eliminate airline and fuel contamination maintenance costs
  • We provide a small and unobtrusive unit that integrates directly into the existing wiring of your Wabtec fuel monitoring system
  • Wabtec's plug & play capability allows our ultrasonic fuel measuring system to be mounted upon multiple styles of locomotives
  • Unlike other systems, WGS' directly integrates with Wabtec's fuel monitoring system, with no need to change back office systems
  • Wabtec Global Services ultrasonic fuel measurement sensor is constructed of stainless steel making it rugged and weather resistant
  • 2 year warranty
  • Built-in fault detection function to identify inaccurate readings
  • Provides more accurate fuel readings than traditional bubbler systems