Vaporid™ Air Dryer

wabtec westinghouse air brake  Locomotive Train products Vaporid™ Air Dryer
  • Provides an effective, reliable method to remove water, oil, aerosols, and line debris from train-line air
  • Clean, dry air is essential to achieve long life for air brake systems and all related pneumatic equipment onlocomotives and cars
  • Twin tower design provides continuous drying
  • Borosilicate coalescing filter reduces debris and oil aerosols (that can clog the desiccant) for increased dryer life
  • Pre-measured easy-change desiccant bags mean less downtime
  • Potted sealed solid state electronics are weather resistant for reliable operation
  • Electronics Control Package is equipped with a memory function, allowing the dryer to operate when thecompressor is loaded thereby conserving air
  • Electrical options include 24, 37.5, 74, and 110 VDC, with other voltages available
  • Humidity indicators are located on both towers to ensure that each is functioning properly
  • Thermostatically controlled high power heaters for drain and purge valves are standard equipment to guardagainst freeze-ups
  • Max flow rate of 236 SCFM with adjustments for specific flow rates available
  • Compact size: 24" H x 13.75", W x 15.5" D
  • Light weight: 92.5 lbs.