Generator Coolers

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westinghouse air brake technologies corporation company Generator Coolers
westinghouse air brake tech Generator Coolers
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Generator Coolers including Surface Hydrogen Coolers, Surface Air Coolers and Motor Generator Coolers.    Combustion Turbine, Fossil Fuel and Nuclear
As a supplier to the power utilities industry we thoroughly understand your requirements. Our manufacturing facilities are quality and compliance driven and we utilize ASME certified welders. We provide ASME Code design and construction and hold U, and UM stamps.
Unifin is a global leader in the supply of products used for cooling power generation equipment. With an extensive installation history and world renowned engineering capabilities Unifin offers a wide range of cooler expertise including:

This capability was expanded in 2007 with the acquisition of the former GE Heat Transfer Products business unit, or GE Tidewater, from General Electric. This business has been building a variety of generator coolers for General Electric generators since the 1920's.
With nearly 100 years of archived engineering drawing history we have the expertise and engineering knowledge to replace or repair nearly any cooler. Our experience spans a wide range of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) designs including, among others:

  • General Electric
  • Westinghouse
  • Griscom Russel
  • Andal
  • Schutte & Koerting
  • Perfex
  • Basco
  • Baldwin Lema Hamilton
  • Ross
  • Trane
  • Harrison
  • Doyle & Roth
  • Parsons Peebles

Our services include:

  • Cooler replacement or redesign
  • Uprates and upgrades
  • Emergency gasket replacement
  • Replacement Parts
  • Reconditioning
  • Retubing
  • Testing
  • Lead Carbonate Decontamination

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