UBX® Truck Mounted Brake System

Wabtec Freight Car Products UBX Truck Mounted Brake System
  • Reliable air spring actuator that is sealed to eliminate contamination
  • The UBX® truck mounted brake systems are made of durable, lightweight materials, including fabricated truss-type brake beams with replaceable brake heads for a system that weighs approximately 45% less than conventional brake rigging
  • Cost-effective substitute for body mounted brakes
  • Freely suspended systems, which require no special bolsters or connections of any kind to existing bolsters or the car body, results in even brake pad wear. This, combined with the increased capacity of the double acting slack adjuster that allows for the use of two-inch-thick composition brake shoes, leads to improved economy through less frequent shoe change-outs
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • 70 & 100 ton applications
  • Beams for either 14° or 18° AAR side frame end guides. Also offer custom 12° or 16° for export.
  • Standard group "N" handbrake can be used on most applications utilizing the integrated hand brake connection