Front Rods and Components

G & B Specialties Front Rods and Components

G & B Specialties’ swivel front rods are designed for high strength and severe service with its forged swivel connections on either end and may be used to advantage with both hand and power-operated switches. This type of front rod is more ruggedly constructed than those of the rigid type where flexibility must be provided to permit application to switch points; which do not stay in alignment. The swivel front rod provides the rigidity in the vertical plane desired for support of the switch point, without the use of pins; which will wear, and without the development of stresses caused by imperfect alignment of switch points with respect to each other or with respect to the switch movement. A swivel front rod is comprised of a front bar and two swivel point lugs. The front bar is turned up at each end for attachment to the point lugs by tee bolts. The point lugs are curved to fit the tee bolt head serving as a vertical pivot pin, and the engaging faces of the front bar ends are also curved to fit the point lugs. The hole for the tee bolt in each end of the front bar is a relatively close fit, but the corresponding holes in the point lugs are slotted, thus the point lugs need not be at exactly 90 degrees with the front bar but may be swiveled in a horizontal plane. The front bar is insulated at the lock rod connection lug. The length of a swivel front rod is secured by the meshing of the serrations, thereby eliminating wear of the rod bolts and rod bolt holes. It is adjustable in 1/8” increments, providing a wide range of lengths to accommodate the various thicknesses of reinforcing bars and the various switch point openings typically encountered. Swivel front rods for other than standard track gage are available as well.