MP32, MP36 and MP40 Diesel-Electric Commuter Locomotives

MP32, MP36 and MP40 Diesel-Electric Commuter Locomotives
Wabtec Co Diesel-Electric Commuter Locomotives
Wabtec Corporation Diesel-Electric Commuter Locomotives
Wabtec Corp Diesel-Electric Commuter Locomotives

MotivePower, Inc. (MPI), a Wabtec company, designed the MPXpress® diesel-electric commuter locomotive to enhance the safety, performance and reliability of passenger railway systems in North America. There are more than 220 units operating at several commuter agencies throughout North America. MPXpress locomotives have been the proven and preferred choice for commuter rail agencies since 2003.
The MPXpress structural design meets the American Public Transportation Association’s crash worthiness standards for crew safety and exceeds current FRA requirements.
MPI engineers worked closely with operating and maintenance crews to design a safe, comfortable, user-friendly cab with high visibility windows and an ergonomically designed control console. The control compartment is built to a standard specification, which can be tailored to any customer specifications.
Because the MPXpress locomotive is available with multiple engine, emission tier and control system configurations, it is the cleanest two-stroke diesel commuter locomotive available.