MP54 AC Commuter Locomotive

Wabtec Corp MP54 AC Commuter Locomotive
Wabtec Corp Products MP54 AC Commuter Locomotive

For maximum performance and reliability, MotivePower, Inc. (MPI), a Wabtec company, offers the MP54 AC commuter locomotive. Based on the proven MPXpress® platform and powered by two Tier 4 compliant engines, the locomotive provides up to 5400 HP, making it the most powerful diesel passenger locomotive in North America. The two engine configuration offers built-in redundancy, ideal for customers who typically operate single locomotive trainsets and need maximum reliability. Operational flexibility is also featured with the capability to operate in single engine mode for increased fuel savings. An IGBT based AC traction system is included with individual axle control, brushless AC motors and a synchronous alternator to minimize maintenance impact. This configuration can be offered as new or as a Tier 4 repower to existing MPXpress locomotives.