MP27 International Freight Locomotive

Wabtec Corp MP27 International Freight Locomotive
Wabtec Corporation MP27 International Freight Locomotive

MotivePower, Inc. (MPI), a Wabtec company, designed and built the MP27 Series, medium horsepower freight locomotive.  The MP27 accommodates multiple track gauges and axle loads as low as 17 tonnes.  The MP27 features a rail-proven, fuel efficient diesel engine certified to US EPA Tier 3 emission levels. The MP27 is designed to meet standards from Australia, South Asia, Africa and South America. 
In 2012, Wabtec delivered the first MP27 for use in Australia for demanding narrow-gauge freight service.  Since that time, the MP27 has been operating 20 hours per day, over 120,000 km per year, exceeding customer defined reliability targets.
To further enhance reliability, the MP27 can be equipped with MPI’s advanced central diagnostic system (CDS).   CDS provides the maintainer with in-depth remote diagnostics, fuel monitoring and tracking of the locomotive.  CDS provides all active locomotive faults and the recommended corrective action for the maintainer. CDS is in-use today on multiple locomotive applications.
The MP27 also comes standard with service-proven Wabtec freight components; including Fastbrake® electronically controlled braking system, Q-Tron microprocessor and Distributed Power.