QTRAC 1000 Traction Control

Wabtec locomotive products QTRAC 1000 Traction Control

The QTRAC 1000 Traction Control module is an economic way to significantly boost track adhesion and locomotive performance. The QTRAC 1000 controls wheel slip/creep in power and dynamic brake operation by reducing excitation to the main generator when wheel slip is detected in one of the axles.
The real time detection and response to wheel slip problems result in up to a 34% improvement in track adhesion under poor rail conditions. QTRAC 1000 also controls rail sanding, and provides increased performance due to the tractive effort gained from Wheel Creep Control feature.

  • Monitors diagnostics of all QTRAC 1000 inputs and outputs, including:
  • Records and stores Alarms (450 alarms):
    • Select Contactor and Relay positions
    • Traction motor currents (6 on SD units; 4 on F9 and GP units)
    • Total horsepower and Kilowatt hours
    • Total hours
    • Mileage
    • Includes a “snapshot” of all Input/output data at the time of the alarm occurrence
    • Able to view complete I/O data on the QTRAC 1000 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) at the time of the occurrence
    • Able to download alarm data to an external computer and view it using the Q-Tron Universal Analysis/Download Software (QUADS) program