MK1200G Liquefied Natural Gas Switcher Locomotives

MotivePower, Inc. (MPI’s) 1,200 horsepower MP1200G Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fueled switcher locomotive boasts improved performance specifically designed to offer the lowest NOx engine emissions in the industry, for its horsepower class, and to meet the demands of expanded switching operations in large commercial/industrial regions. The MP1200G stands alone as a rail transportation product capable of delivering superior safety, technical, environmental and economic performance through the application of unique innovations and features.
The predecessor to the MP1200G (MK1200G) operated for nearly 20 years.
Powered by a G3516 Caterpillar engine coupled to a Kato alternator, the MP1200G locomotive delivers 1,200 tractive HP. Operator visibility is greatly improved with MPI’s High-Vis cab. The cab is wrapped in FRA compliant glazing that enables the operator to see over the carbody, greatly improving visibility during switching operations.