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Forced Oil and Water Flow
Unifin developed its "Type OFW" for larger transformers using forced oil flow and water-cooling. Combined with its "Leak Detector Tube" the "OFW" continues to forge industry leadership in transformer cooling.
Unifin International's favored forced oil-water operated cooler is type OFW. All designs feature the Leak Detector Type of Double Concentric tubes connected between pairs of double tube sheets. Basic design is the Non-Removable Bundle style of Fixed Tubesheet exchanger in what is termed Non-Code construction (Operating and Design Conditions do not exceed those which would invoke the A.S.M.E. Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, or Canada's C.S.A.B.-51). This heat exchanger is a forced oil-to-water shell & tube design that can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal positions. It too, is available in both conventional and leak detector versions, both with leak-free double tube sheet construction.
Features and Options

  • Spaced double tube sheet prevent water entering the oil through a leaking tube joint
  • Robust design with stiffer double concentric tubes more readily withstands "flow induced vibration"
  • Compact design made possible by an Integral Finned copper outer tube on oil side
  • Waterside access without disturbing connections permits inspection and maintenance for fouling and corrosion
  • Longer dependable life resulting from the right choice of waterside materials

Construction and ratings are available in Unifin's OFW technical bulletin.
Type OFW Size Range - Sizes available range from 8" - 24" diameter. Lengths of 36" - 120" depending on diameter. Nominal capacity range, 60 kW to 1,500 kW.
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