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Wabtec Unifin Motor Generator and Marine Coolers
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westinghouse Unifin Motor Generator and Marine Coolers

Removable Cover Plate Coolers
Unifin manufactures a wide range of RCP generator coolers, motor coolers and marine coolers with a unique optional leak detector feature for totally enclosed water air-cooled (TEWAC) applications.
All have been developed as heavy duty industrial quality cooling coils as distinct from lightweight ventilating or air-conditioning units. Although standardized in basic designs, they can be made with optional features and materials to suit exact customer requirements.
Leak Detector
 The unique leak detector configuration is a popular option for these installations. The leak detector system is designed to prevent catastrophic failure of the motor or generator should water leak into the cooling air, which dissipates the heat by sensing moisture before it can leak into the air.
The Unifin leak detector system consists of two bonded concentric tubes, each joined to a separate tube sheet.
This double tube construction provides double protection against possible leaks due to corrosion as well as tube barriers separating the tube side fluid and the air side.
Integral Finned Tubing
Many of Unifin's cooling products incorporate integral finned tubing. This finned surface is formed as a thick walled aluminum tube and is put through cold rotary extrusion, forming fins that are much longer in diameter than the original tube. This process hardens the aluminum so the fins are very strong, resulting in optimal heat transfer efficiency and exceptional durability.
This process can be applied to single aluminum tubes (mono aluminum) or with the addition of a liner tube within the original aluminum tube (bi-metal). With bi-metal tubing, the fin material is always aluminum and the liner is usually copper-nickel, stainless steel or titanium, with the extrusion process creating a very strong mechanical bond between the two. The result is a rugged, reliable heat transfer surface with fins that do not break, unwind or become loose with subsequent loss of capacity.
Plate Fin Coolers
Unifin offers Plate Fin Coolers for motor and generator cooling incorporating press-on fins, giving our customers an economical alternative to integral finned tubing which is used in the highest quality industrial cooling equipment. However, there are less demanding applications, where shielded motors/generators are used and press-on fins perform perfectly well.
Marine Coolers
Marine equipment must be especially rugged to withstand shocks and the corrosive environment of the sea. Unifin manufactures a special version RCP specifically designed for shipboard motors and generators operating in these adverse conditions.