R-180 Railgear (For Kubota)

Wabtec Positive Train Control Products PTC  Railgear Kubota

This 100% duty cycle railgear was designed to meet the task at hand.  Equip your KUBOTA RTV Series that has a vehicle weight of 2350 lbs. with a Rafna R-180 Railgear and see for yourself. Proven “Cushion-Ride” suspension provides ride quality , reduced vibration through the vehicle frame, less component stress, and constant rail wheel to rail contact. No railgear adjustments are required for varying loads. Rail wheel assemblies bolted to the axle provide simple rail wheel alignment. Few moving parts results in very low maintenance and lubrication costs. Hydraulically operated for safe and easy access to the rail. Self-lubricated bearings at all pivot points. Wheel modification required, uses OEM tires/modified wheels, or OEM wheels with wheel adapters. Front and rear units share all common wear and spare part items.