R-1130 Railgear

Wabtec positive train control PTC products R-1130 Railgear

G & B Specialties’ Model R-1130 railgear is designed for vehicles with GVWR’s of 33,000 lbs or larger, using high carbon steel and hardened steel castings. The   R-1130 front railgear utilizes the vehicle’s front suspension and the frame to lift the front wheels off the track approximately two inches. The dual scissor rear railgear attaches to the vehicle’s frame behind the spring hangers. The scissor-design makes for a more speedy operation of getting the vehicle on track and off track. The rear gear also incorporates “Cushion-Ride” springs for constant railhead pressure.  With the R-1130, there are no limits imposed. If the vehicle can support the load, so can the railgear.