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Roof-Mounted Pantographs - Panto
Roof-Mounted pantographs for tram lines, metropolitan railways, metros, traction units (electrical multiple units - EMUs), trains and locomotives as well as potential special-purpose vehicles are developed for various overhead line systems and speeds, whereby a raising to and lowering from the overhead line is carried out by an electric or pneumatic drive depending on customer requirements.The continuous contact force to the overhead line at higher speeds is either realised by mechanical deflectors or by a specifically developed electric-pneumatic control system. If requested, an emergency drop is offered, which lowers the pantograph as quickly as possible in the event of collisions with the overhead line.
Local traffic
To meet the specifications and wishes of our customers, we manufacture powerful suburban rail roof-mounted pantographs according to a new, efficiency-oriented design concept - fast, well priced and low maintenance.  The rating design for DC networks can be changed on a project-specific basis and provides options for individual modification according to the prevailing usage and operation conditions. Our Fb product family is today among the most frequently used pantographs in suburban rail.

Long-distance traffic
Our DSA roof-mounted pantographs have been developed for high performance in heavy rail systems (Heavy Rail Vehicles). Their design concept, with high-strength, lightweight and innovative engineering has proven itself worldwide under the most difficult conditions. The roof-mounted pantographs of our series „Panto®“ and „DSA“ can be designed for AC and DC overhead wire networks and reach operating speeds up to 380 km/h.

Special developments

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