FleetONE™ software Track IQ Wabtec

FleetONE™ is a multi-sensor trending database product that extends the capability of your Wayside Monitoring hardware interface. Facilitating vehicle monitoring and data mining via key vehicle metrics, delivered through a web-based application. FleetONE™ allows for the import of third party wayside sensor products thus providing a single data interface to the User.
Responding to an industry requirement for a standardized software portal, Track IQ has developed FleetONE™ – to integrate a range of wayside monitoring equipment data into a single system. Instead of each condition monitoring device providing its own method to access its data, FleetONE™ provides a single interface for users to work with all condition-monitoring information associated with a user’s rolling stock.
Leveraging this consolidation of data, FleetONE provides a number of customizable reports on the condition of the vehicle fleet. It also provides a powerful “search engine” that allows users to compose, save, edit and run ad-hoc searches on the database. This allows users to experiment with and determine their own condition based maintenance rules.
FleetONE™ is also integrated with vehicle maintenance management systems such as SAP and Maximo. When integrated, FleetONE™ can:

  • Automatically generate work orders based on maintenance rules configured by a system administrator within the search engine.
  • Import information about completed maintenance activities for inclusion in the generated reports.

FleetONE is built as an expandable, modular system that interfaces to other vendor’s wayside sensors. Because each of these sensor systems are supported by installing an optional module and these remain fully independent of the overall FleetONE system. In this way, FleetONE serves as a high-level data integrator that does not interfere with or restrict the standalone operation of each of the systems in any way.
The core of FleetONE™ is an SQL database software application containing data from all sensors integrated at a train, vehicle and axle and wheel/bearing level.
Features of FleetONE™ include:

  • Powerful search engine
  • Integration with maintenance systems such as SAP and maximo
  • Automated generation and notification of condition monitoring faults
  • Accessible via a Web-browser
  • User configurable alarm criteria
  • Defect trending – by vehicle, bogie, axle and wheel/bearing
  • Custom data export to management systems
  • All forms support data export to CSV or spread-sheet via a single button click

Support for:

  • Acoustic bearing detector system (Track IQ RailBAM® Acoustic Bearing Monitor)
  • Wheel impact detector devices (Salient WILD, Track IQ WCM®)
  • Weigh in motion detector devices (Salient WIM, Track IQ WIM)
  • Wheel profile devices (Beena Vision WheelView®, MRX OCCM, ImageMap WheelSpec)
  • Hot box detector devices (STC HBD & HWD, SST HBD & HWD)
  • Bogie Geometry devices (WID T-Bogie & Hunting Detector)
  • Brake Wear (Beena Vision BrakeView®)
  • Lateral/Vertical Force devices (Track IQ Rail_L/V®)
  • AEI / RFID devices – in-track and trackside (TransCore®/Amtech®, Siemens, TagMaster®, Alien®, Intermec, MAINtag®)
  • Plant Maintenance (SAP PM – import maintenance history/export work orders)

Visualisations and standard reports including;

  • Vehicle loading & imbalance
  • Wheel quality
  • Wheel profile & Brake pad data
  • Vehicle/Axle/Bearing History
  • Defect Trend graphs
  • “Top 20” worst vehicle reports
  • Operator summaries
  • Track loading summaries