TNM™ - Train Noise Monitor

wabtec westinghouse air brake TENM™ - Train Environmental Noise Monitor

The Train Noise Monitor uses a wayside mounted camera combined with a high precision microphone to record the sound levels associated with a train passby. High noise levels can be identified and a matched image can be used to identify offending vehicles. The system uses a non-contact distance sensor to identify the presence of a train. One system can even be used to monitor multiple tracks at a location. No part of the equipment is installed within three metres of the track centre.
The system interfaces with Track IQ’s wayside database FleetONE™. A comprehensive set of statistics is available to track the performance of any train noise control programs or monitor environmental noise near residential areas.
Suitable for environmental extremes and day/night applications. The system is totally self-contained and uses a solar array for power and a 3G connection to transfer data from the site to the FleetONE™ database.