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Forzair™ Special Transformer Oil Cooler
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From Unifin International comes our compliment to Transformer Oil Coolers that goes beyond what a standard product can offer.
Unifin International has had a long history and experience supplying transformer oil cooling products to the Power Generation, Transformer and Distribution Industries. Unifin products have been designed to solve the most demanding cooling applications, with quality, quick delivery and low cost.
Unifin is in the unique position of having been the supplier for most of the major North American manufacturers of transformers for over 30 years. Unifin has the design and manufacturing information to provide form, fit and function replacements or if need be, exact original design for specific applications.
Unifin can supply coolers to provide greater cooling capacity than the original equipment and offer replacement equipment that can exceed original performance. Upgrades can also mean the addition of other features that can enhance performance of the replacement or make maintenance easier.
Options and Features of ForZair™ Special Transformer Oil Coolers

  • Standard Cooler Sizes
  • 125 kW-750 kW Performance Range
  • 2-5 Fan Configurations
  • 64-86 dB Noise Ratings
  • Oil Flows 300 usg/m-800 usg/m
  • TOR 20°C - 50°C
  • Based on Unifin's extruded Aluminum Finned Tubing or a Plate Fin Design to provide exceptional performance and durability
  • Designed to work with Cardinal transformer oil pumps
  • Single pan oil side
  • Various nozzle orientations and sizes
  • Hinged Fan Panels for ease of maintenance - Standard
  • Galvanized Finish (standard). Paint options for chemical aggressive environments (2 part epoxy) and durable 3 part system used in marine environments (coastal duty)
  • Induced Draft and Air Flow
  • Coolers clean to ISO Standards
  • Nitrogen filled for shipment
  • Motors selected for demands of Transformer Oil Cooling various voltages available as standard
  • Fully welded header or bolted header for multi-pass design

Updraft Louvres
Unifin offers an option for an updraft louvre design. This option would be selected where there is a high probability of air recirculation that is either caused by the proximity of obstructions to normal air flow or that the site environment is conducive to this occurrence. The updraft louvres assists in the upward and outward movement of warm air with the benefit of reducing the chance that the warm air may recirculate back into the inlet side of the cooler, and thereby reduce the performance of the cooler and hence, the transformer.
Hinged Fan Panels
Maintenance is crucial to optimizing the life of a transformer cooler so optional hinged fan panels make it easy to open the cooler and pressure-wash the fin surface.
Fans & Motors
Fans and motors for Unifin Transformer Coolers are selected based on exacting specifications and sound characteristics providing optimal efficiency developed from years of firsthand industry experience.
Paint Finishes
While able to apply many different paints; two lend themselves to transformer cooling applications. A two-part epoxy coat system that meets all normal applications and performs in chemical aggressive environments as well, and a durable 3-part system used primarily in marine environments (galvanized finished is standard).
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