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Bearing Cooling Solutions
Rotating power generation equipment relies on sleeve bearings to align their shafts. Heat, generated through friction, is picked up by the lubricating oil used in these bearings and needs to be removed. Unifin’s Shell and tube lube oil coolers work nicely to perform this function. These coolers may contain bare tubes or “low fin” tubing typically of a non-ferrous material while the shells, baffles and header parts are usually ferrous material.
Over time these units become fouled on the inside of the tubes as well as the exterior making cleaning and maintenance an important commitment to satisfactory cooler life. Typically these units need to be replaced after about 25 years for service depending on type of cooling water. Unifin has just the replacement solution you need.
Features and Options

  • ASME Code Section VIII, or non-Code, Design, Welding and Construction
  • Choice of Materials by Application
        - Fins (Al, Cu)
        - Tubes (CS, Cu/Ni, SS, Admiralty Brass, etc.)
        - Tube Sheets (CS, Cu/Ni, SS, Muntz, Naval Brass, etc.)
        - Headers (Water Boxes) (CS, Cu/Ni, SS, Cast Iron)
  • Removable Bolt-On Cover Plate (Waterside Cleaning) – Ease of Maintenance
  • Roller Expanded Tube Joints
  • Designs to Address – Corrosion, Erosion, Fouling
  • Designs to Address Water Side Tube Velocities
  • Flexibility in Designs – Minimized Water Usage or Temperature Variation
  • Proven Long Life – 20+ years

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