Plate-Fin Tubing

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An Alternative Heat Transfer Surface
Unifin offers a high quality Plate-Fin Technology as a premier heat transfer surface for utility and industrial applications. The Plate-Fin surface offers the benefit of providing higher energy transfer efficiency and improved heat transfer in a more compact and robust design.
The Unifin Plate-Fin Technology uses aluminum or copper fins with full collars. The collars are engineered to provide fixed and permanent fin spacing. The collars also transfer the heat between the tubes and the fins, allowing constant performance through the full range of thermal expansion. Other tube materials such as copper, copper-nickel, stainless steel and other specialty materials are available. The tubes are mechanically expanded into the fin collars, forming an interference fit between the fin collar and the tube that is mechanically very strong and effectively facilitates heat transfer.
The Unifin Plate-Fin Technology is extremely well suited for any applications that require resistance against vibrations (shorter unsupported tube length) and high mechanical stress conditions, such as mobile transformers. This advantage comes from having all the tubes and fin surface bonded together via the plate fin construction, which creates an extremely strong core, and allows "walk-on" capability.
The inherent use of wider fin spacing provides a higher resistance to fouling from airborne particles in transformer applications. Additionally, the Unifin Plate-Fin Technology allows cleaning via either high-pressure washing or brushing the inlet side of the fin surface.