Big Stu3 DAI MOD COP w/LS1 Coils Powertrain Management System

Big Stu3 DAI MOD COP w/LS1 coils Powertrain Management System

The BigStuff3 GEN3 PRO SEFI Engine Management System is the first programmable Powertrain Control Module for today’s SEFI Coil-on-Plug (COP) engines and electronically controlled transmissions. Offering many unique features that set it apart from the competition, BS3’s EMS uses state of the art technology to help you achieve the best performance possible from your vehicle. When compared to other units on the market, the BigStuff3 EMS's microprocessor ranked consistently higher in speed and performance. Feature-for-feature, the GEN3 system is currently the lowest priced system on the market. Available in a number of configurations, the Big Stuff 3 has a solution for all your fuel injection needs.
BigStuff3's DAI MOD COP w/LS1 coils Powertrain Management System features the following
Sequential fuel control for 4, 6, and 8 cylinders

  • 128k RAM for internal data logging, featuring 40 user selectable channels, 10 bit resolution, and 50Hz acquisition rate
  • Configurable Load & RPM axes to enable optimization in desired operating range
  • Injector phasing, at the start of the fuel injection event
  • Programmable "peak & hold" injector drivers with current chopping capability
  • Individual cylinder fuel compensation
  • Individual cylinder spark compensation
  • Turbocharged starting line timing curve
  • 1, 2, 3, & 4 bar MAP sensor compatible
  • Programmable injector opening versus battery voltage
  • Improved transient fueling algorithms
  • Seamless deceleration fuel cut-off
  • Coil dwell-time to be set as a function of engine RPM
  • Includes Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Main Wiring Harness (MWH), Injector Wiring Harness (IWH), (8) LS1 ignition coils, Wideband O2 Sensor (WBO2), and a 6 foot communication cable

Big Stuff 3 part number 004006Need further proof that Big Stuff 3 is the real deal? Ask any of our Champions and Record Holders and they will tell you that the Big Stuff 3 Powertrain Management Systems is a key ingredient to the winning recipe. All Big Stuff 3 systems purchased from PTE come standard with full technical support. As an additional service, we offer both on-site and remote tuning for all Big Stuff 3 Powertain Management Systems. Please contact our Sales/Technical Staff at (219) 996-7832 for further details.