NLR AMS-2000 Boost Controller

westinghouse air brake technologies NLR AMS-2000 Boost Controller

The AMS-2000 is the secret the top teams are using and now it is available to you!
NLR is the leader in forced induction technology. The latest development is this controller. This controller does what others wish they could do. This unit will out perform ANY controller on the market! This unit can also be purchased to upgrade a current MSBC-1 set up. Take advantage of the latest technology from NLR! The quickest and fastest bikes, cars, snowmobiles and boats in the world use BOOST CONTROL FROM NLR. Think about it.... engineered and designed to control boost on 600hp street tire (6 inch contact patch), no wheelie bar bikes that run mid 7s @ 200+mph in the 1/4 mile. Imagine what it can do for you!
The AMS-2000 Boost Controller features:
10 control strategies and 6 predefined datalogging channels and overlay capability. Auxiliary Channel Control, G-meter, and Offset capability that are available in the PRO unit can be enabled at a later date. All laptop based. No Selector Switch (can be purchased separately).
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