353 Series Manual Metering Valve (Horn Valve)

wabtec westinghouse air brake 353 Series Manual Metering Valve (Horn Valve)

The 353 Series Manual Metering Valve (Horn V alve) continues to be the manual valve of choice for operating Locomotives three or five chime pneumatic horns. Equipped with 1/2"NPT inlet and outlet connections, GW's unique stem assembly allows for manual adjustment from full flow to several metered flow positions, 1/16" (12 SCFM), 1/8" (24 SCFM), 3/16" (30 SCFM) and 70 SCFM in the full open position. Although designed to accommodate the multi-pitch pneumatic horn needs of a Locomotive, they can be easily adapted for other multiple flow pneumatic functions. Like most GW valves, the 353 Series is designed for easy maintenance without disturbing any pipe connections due to the engineered operating lever, valve cage and stem assembly.